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Happy Independence Day Weekend!

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I'm sure there are plenty of caches out there related to Independence Day and the Revolutionary War.


I have several:


Fort Nonsense

Lord Stirling

Federal Hill



And this, now archived one:

George Washington Slept Here


Of ones I've found, I can think of:

Washington's Crossing

By George What a Bridge!

Temporary HQ Doesn't say anything about it on the cache page, but this house is where Washington wrote his farewell address to the Continental Army in 1783.

Monumental Monument

The Hornets Nest The reason would give the cache away though.

Waynes World. Though the cache page doesn't mention it, the cache is near a colonial era blockhouse and the grave of Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne.


Any others?????

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In Rhode Island:


1. Heritage Park Cache: The Battle of Rhode Island took place in the area on August 29, 1778. Among those receiving commendations was the First Rhode Island Regiment which at the time was a nearly all-black unit.


2. Fort Barton Geocache: A plaque near the park entrance indicates that in 1777 the site was fortified by the colonial army to defend against British troops then occupying Aquidneck Island, and from here was launched an ill-fated invasion in 1778, which came to be known as the Battle of Rhode Island.


3. Stillhouse Cove: This virtual is near the site of the burning of the HMS Gaspee, a British ship, on June 9, 1772.


Happy Independence Day,



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