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Coke Cans And National Security

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And thats why I hate the media. Talk about blowing things out of proportion. Next there will be an article of a terrorist that a transmitter in a coke can so he can use it to lock a missile onto and destroy the building the can is in. The fact is if you want to smuggle in a tap to listen in on "hush hush" secrets there are a hundred and one ways than to use a can of soda. They are also A LOT SMALLER and easier to hide. This article is the attempt of a writer on the verge of losing a job because they couldn't come up with a breaking story. So they made up this crap.


I rate that article with :)B):):oB)

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......He's a secret Agent can

He's a secret Agent can..........


Sorry I couldn't resist an oppurtunity like that. I think that is too funny, that someone would even think about that. I'll bet that the good ol' gov has a room full of guys just thinking. You know, like in that movie Armageddon! :)

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It has been mentioned in comp.risks newsgroup some time ago (the link points to a forwarded memo, which makes more sense than the CNN article: there are restricted areas with no two-way electronic devices allowed and a Coke can transmitting its position certainly falls into that category. I wouldn't wonder if similar policy would be adopted in other places with restriction on electonic devices (airplanes, hospitals, etc.).

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OK folks--Believe it or not, this is how I actually heard about this contest.


I am stationed in Your US Armed Forces and was briefed on the Coke cans.


All kidding aside, all electronic devices are prohibited in certain sensitive areas. Now for this story--this is a wee bit to the extreme. Common sense prevails my friends, but sometimes it doesn't.


Be proud of your military and take it for what it is worth. National security is is something you should not bust on if you do not understand it.

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