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Magellan meridian or map330

1970 mini cooper
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I use a MAP330 and am quite pleased with it.


You can upload a very large area into its memory with the MapSend software (I can load almost 1/3 of the state of Ohio into it) and 500 waypoints at a time. icon_biggrin.gif


It does take some time to get to understand "all" the features it has built in, but I don't think you would be disappointed with it. icon_smile.gif


I'm not Lost, my GPS says I'm right here....no over here......no over here.

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I have both. I find them very similar in function.


You have to decide which features are in your best interest.


My friend bought a Map330 the same time I did. He has no interest in changing to the Meridian. He uses it for driving and deliveries mostly. The entire Seattle I-5 corridor fits on the Map330.


The Meridian has expandable memory. Basically unlimited. Once you get used to using a USB card reader it is very fast to load maps. These are the two stand apart features. Is there a significant price difference? If you're saving a lot with the Map330, it will work just fine.

I travel several times a year. So the expandable memory is indispensable.


They're both great units.

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I like the Meridian's expandable memory for vacations and stuff.


I can load detailed maps for many states and switch amongst them while traveling.


If you never need/want to load different detail maps, and like the displays the same, go with whatever is cheaper.


(I have 2 meridians - if I could only get my color meridian w/the quadrafiliar helix antenna and face mounted buttons in an etrex-sized box, that would be a great thing.)



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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I have a Map330, Sportrak Map and a Merigreen.


I have found the Map330 seems to have a slight edge over the other two as far as sat reception goes. It seems to find one or two more sats than the other two, and holds locks better, and seems to receive signals stronger.


All three units are VERY similar in features and operation, basemaps and memory size/expandability seem to be the major differences.


I'm wishing I hadnt bothered upgrading to a Sportrak from the Map330....not really worth it IMHO, especially since after I bought it, I got in on that Outpost.com $99 deal on the Merigreen...







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