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Possible Tb Exchange July 5-10


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I have 8 travel bugs that will be with me when I visit New Jersey July 5-10. Is there anyone out there that would like to meet me and trade TBs so that I have some to bring back to the West Coast? Let me know and I'll try to arrange to meet you.

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I'll be in the Wyckoff/Hawthorne part of the state and caching (mornings and later evenings) in a 20+ mile radius from there. I'm willing to drive a bit further if I am given good directions.


Briansnat has suggested getting together later in the week, so communicate with him about possibilities. I'm hoping to pick up a few more bugs today that I can bring along.


Aside from trading bugs, it would be great to meet fellow cachers on the East Coast.



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I will hold Thursday open. Since I don't have access to e-mail while out here, I have given BrianSnat my phone numbers. I'm up for anything - from just sitting around sharing to going to a few caches. (Remember, I'm not used to your hot muggy weather!)


Looking forward to meeting some of you. I actually managed to snag about 12 TBs to bring with me!

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(Remember, I'm not used to your hot muggy weather!)

This isn't hot and muggy - come back in August! :blink:


Is this a during the day meeting that us working folks that have to earn a living so our wifes can stay home and go shopping can't make or an after work meeting?

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Is this a during the day meeting that us working folks that have to earn a living so our wifes can stay home and go shopping can't make or an after work meeting?


Good question. Is every who says they are available, available during the day, or was everyone assuming that it would be after work?

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I realized that I have to pick up my daughter in the am, so probably won't be available until 1ish. Perhaps those of us who have the whole day off can meet the late starters? Aye Carumba, as much as I'd like to do it, probably isn't a good choice, seeing as it could take most of the day.


Perhaps the NY/NJ Multi State Multi Cache? The way its set up, latecomers could meet along the way. There are 2 other caches along the route as well.


Or everyone can be on their own for the am, then meet in the pm to bag a few together.

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I have to give Ohjoy a call and see what she's up for. I know of a cluster of caches off Skyline Drive in RMSF that I don't think most of you (Semper Sec, Frantics, Dave) have found yet. Several are mine. Probably would be about a 4-5 mile hike, with a car shuttle, to get them all. Rocky Horror, Iron Rott, Billy E, Lakeview. I also have 2 new ones planned for the area that might be online by Thur (if NJ Admin is watching his queue).

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I actually found out that the library in Ridgewood will let me do e-mail on their computers. I'm logged in as my cousin.


Hopefully I'll get back here Thursday morning to check on things - or maybe this evening if they are open.


I agree about the weather - yesterday was lots nicer than Monday, for sure. I used to work on a truck farm here when I was a kid, so I do remember those August days! One big reason I will continue to live in the Pacific Northwest.


Yes, I would be glad to get a phone call sometime today - at my Dad's place between 4 and 6:30 or my aunt's place after 8:30 would be best.


Looking forward to whatever tomorrow - Joy

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I spoke with OhJoy this afternoon. The plan is to meet at the Ramapo Mtn SF parking lot on Skyline Dr. at 1:00. From there we can gauge the weather and make concrete plans. I planted two caches there today and if they are approved, can be on the agenda along with several others in the area.


Directions (for Joy):


Route 208 to 287 south. Take Skyline Drive exit. I've never taken this exit but I think it's a right off the ramp and the parking is a short way up the hill on the left


Coords:N41.01.948, W74.15.123

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It's going to go down to the wire for me tomorrow... We have been having bunch of system issues between us and several remote sites. Hopefully everything will be smoothed out by noon tomorrow.


I am going to work tomorrow for a half day expecting to meet you at 1:00, but I may have to miss the fun if I need to stay at work.


Brian, Let's exchange cell #'s by email, this way I can let you know what I'm doing..

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Sorry Semp, but my cell phone just came out of the wash (seriously). It's not working very well at the moment :laughing: .


I can bring a FRS radio if you have one. Channel 2 of course.


Also, 2 new caches online in the area so do another search before the morning.


See everyone at the posted coords around 1.

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The exchange was made. I met Frantic Cachers and OhJoy and they bagged my new Overlook Cache and my Billy E. cache. It was very nice meeting both of them, particularly OhJoy because she came from so far away.


It was nice, but very hot hike.


I heard someone trying to communicate on my radio, but it wasn't clear clear. Hope it wasn't Semper Securus trying to catch up to us.

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What you trying to say Brian?!?! Coming from Ridgefield Park isn't far enough?? huh?? You are lucky your caches involve nice hikes or else I would personally ban them!!!! :(


Seriously though, thanks for coordinating it all and I definately look forward to bagging the rest of the (your) caches in the area. Hopefully soon, if the humidity breaks



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I had an absolutely wonderful, hot, muggy, exhausting time with Brainsnat and The Frantic Cachers this afternoon. We probably could have accomplished more if I had found more energy!


I would be willing to meet with any of you that have travel bugs to exchange on Saturday or Sunday morning - any time before 11 am. At a short-walk cache :wacko: or someplace to sit and have a cup of coffee. :(


E-mail me if you would like to meet. I'll be checking e-mail daily at the library. Because Groundspeak won't send me all of your messages through this forum, send replies to joyful100@netzero.net

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