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450 Mile Bike Tour Of La

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I am planning a 450 mile bike tour event cache. for some time this fall.

The tour will start at Three States at the far northwest corner of the state and follow La Hwy 1 to its end at Grand Isle.

I haven't decided a date yet. And worked out all the details but here what I know.


The total length is approximately 450 miles.

It will take about 6-7 days to complete.

To get credit for the event you can ride all or any portion of the tour.

We will be camping for most of the tour possibly staying a Hotel for one night.

We will ride on average 75 miles per day with 15 min breaks about once an hour.

You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the start/end points.


Day 1 Three states to Shreveport 45.6 miles Maplewood RV Park

Day 2 Shreveport to Natchitoches 76.9 miles Sibley Lake Campground

(Possibly stay two nights here and spend a day touring around Natchitoches)

Day 3 Natchitoches to Marksville 88.9 miles Grand Avoyelles RV resort

Day 4 Marksville to Port Allen 92.3 miles Cajun Country Campground

Day 5 Port Allen to Thibodaux 71.8 miles Holiday Inn

Day 6 Thibodaux to Grand Isle 84.3 miles Grand Isle State Park


Note all campgrounds are just tentative I just picked them using Street and Trips based on proximity to LA hwy 1

And distance along the highway. If you know of other campground along the route we can camp

Elsewhere. Most of the campgrounds in S&T are RV parks.


I'm not sure yet if we will use a sage wagon to carry most of the gear or if we'll carry it on bike.


If you are interested in participating or have suggestions post a reply to this thread. When more of the details are ironed out

I will post an event on the cache page.

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