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Multiband Mobile Transceivers

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I got my first taste of HF at Field Day. I am wondering if instead of buying a dual band for my truck, I buy a Multiband instead.


What is the opinion of the ICOM 706 MK II G?


Does the 6 meter band become interesting very often (limited in HF due to only having a Tech license)?


Do these function in the 2M and 70 cm bands as well as dedicated units?

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The 706 is one sweet radio, but.......


There are some things a dual bander can do easier than the 706, such as cross band repeat, display and receive both UHF and VHF at the same time, etc. If you are interested in 6 meters along with the UHF and VHF, you could pick up a Kenwood 642 or 742 tri bander and add the module for 6. he best setup is a dual For me, I have a Icom dual bander and the 706 for mobile HF.


There is a Yahoo discussion group for the 706 if you want to check them out.



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The 706 MII G is a very nice rig. Make sure you get this and not one of the two earlier versions, the original or the MII. The MII G has the best receiver and more power on 2M and 440. I have had the original 706 for about 8 years and I am going to get the latest.


As for 6M, you want a rig like the 706 because it is all mode (FM, SB, and CW), and not just FM like some of the others that have 2 or 3 bands.


June can be a good time for 6M openings. I know at Field Day at our club, we got from So. Cal to the NW and Canada. A couple of years ago when the conditions were very good, I contacted all over the US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Japan from So. Cal., on SSB and CW with a 3 element yagi and my FT920.


Travlin Two is correct, for mobile on 2M and 440, I would get a dual band FM rig. But if you are going to operate from home with a horizontal antenna on 2M, 440 and 6M, get the 706. You can also listen on HF and get your code speed up....

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I went to turn on my tried and true (7 years) 706 at field day, after setting up the beam, rotor, hardline, etc. and it did not turn on!?!?!?. Opened the case only to find corrosion on the main cpu board. :laughing: My radio has been in the same spot in my car for almost a year now. Must have gotten some water on it. After field day our radio club's guru went over it with a fine toothed comb and after some cleaning and parts removal and replacement, it works again. Yeah!!!!


So what does any of this have to do with this discussion.


1. I really like my 706.


2. I have almost never used it on HF


3. It isn't water resistant.


Borrowed a 706 Mk 2 for the rest of field day, and made some nice contacts on 6M. Nothern New Jersey to Alabama, Arkansas, South Texas (He had 1500W and an array of antennas)


I wouldn't mind a New 706, but don't talk on the radio enough to justify the expense.


Dave (dhenning25) n3uxk

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I also have the IC706 MkIIg. The strengths of the radio are well known so I will list the weaknesses I've discovered :-)


- VHF & UHF FM is weak (freq stability not very good, Rx not very selective and doesn't have much dynamic range, Tx audio easily overdriven)

- TCXO is not very stable (earlier models seem to be better so I'm guessing cost-reduction here)

- Matching tuner AH-4 works pretty good, but even minor QSY calls for re-tune. Tuner will tune anything but when you go to key up on certain bands it will shut down if the antenna is near a half-wave length. Tuner also doesn't like extreme cold I've found.

- Radio can interfere with itself (and drive display crazy) when operating full-bore on 6m with the extended control head cable

- Radio will sometimes turn off on assertion of PTT for no obvious reason

- The CAT port doesn't allow programming of several important functions of the radio.


Other that that, its a good all-round radio!




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I have been using a Yaesu FT100D for about two years and am very happy with it. I am using the ATAS 100 screw driver antenna which I have very good luck with. As far as 6 meteres, were I live there is a group of us that get on 6 meters, only problem is that we only get maybe 3 openings a year on 6 meters, It just depends were you are with 6 meters. I only use 2 and 440 on my FT100D once in a while, I also have an FT8800 in my truck for 2 and 440.

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I really like the 706MIIG a lot. For what it does and the price you pay, you get a very nice radio. I suggest upgrading for you can use it for VHF, UHF, 6M, then when you travel or go mobile, you can do HF. Well, it makes a nice base radio also.

I never had problems with mine, use it with a dipole to ladder line to a Z-100 LDG tuner. I use it 10 to 160 meters and my friend used it for two weeks on Tech freqs and he said he like it a lot. Sure you can find some radios that do better for only VHF/UHF or HF only, but this radio does that and doesn't cost a lot with a small size that is good in the car. I like the detach head for body in car.

Just think, GEOCACHing in area, use VHF/UHF, then take it on a trip using HF and talk to your friends far away about GEOCACHing.

I just wanted to say it is good and you can read reviews on this radio and others on eHAM website reviews. (Nice website).

My friend does have the Yeasu FT100D, but he does like the 706MIIG better. He is a Kenwood fan. I have not tried the 100D.

For UHF/VHF I have a seperate radio (Kenwood) that does the crossband and all. I like that for listening to UHF and VHF at the same time.



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