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Magellan Sportrak Says I Am 46km In The Sky

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hi, since today my Magellan Sportrak displays wrong data. It says I am 6km or 46km in the sky, and kilometers away from where I am. :ph34r:


Is this a WAAS problem? My location is about 51N 8E in germany.


Can I disable WAAS? I found two recipes, but they don't work: Pressing GOTO and NAV on PowerOn does nothing. Pressing LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT.... and 03 shows no WAAS dialog.


Is there another way?


When the device boots it says "Version 1.10, 2002". Shall I update my firmware?


Any help welcome!


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I was just having some trouble with my Sportrak Map. It was saying that I was moving at 30 MPH when I was standing still and my location on the map wsn't even the right mountain. I upgraded the firmware and all is working fine now. I am in the Northeast US so I don't know if this is the same problem you are having. I upgraded to version 5.0

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I'm having problems with my Magellan SporTrac also. A while ago, night caching it started saying NO POS. The batteries were fine. The next day it worked fine...so I figured maybe one of the batteries was out of whack....But...yesterday when I went to use it..bright cloudless sunny day, open area, fresh fully charged batteries etc it would not work....got NO POS. Put in another set of fresh batteries, dble checked they were in right and got NO POS. Re-initialized it 3 times and it would not work. Gave up, hours later at home...it worked fine!!!! Any suggestions?

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