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This Is What I Love About You People!

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Today's my birthday (37 and all original parts....mostly). My wife asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted a day to myself. I was approaching my 500th find and thought it would be great to hit it on my birthday.


A few of the locals had noticed how close I was getting and had made suggestions about a cache that might be good for such a milestone. Lucifer's Spine was a lot of fun. Nice hike up a rocky "backbone" across the nature preserve. Definitely not a park and grab.


When I got to the cache and popped it open..what should I find but this:



A card...waiting for me! Not only had someone sent me a card, they had delivered it to a fairly challenging cache! Wow! I opened it up and here's what I found:



I was in shock...totally speechless. RiverExplorer had made the hike up to the cache on Sunday to drop the card off (along with a card for a free pizza at his restaurant....great signature item, by the way). This has to be one of the neatest things anyone has ever done for me.


I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people through this game and it's been a tremendous blessing to make so many new friends. Thanks to everyone who makes this community a community!



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That was too kewl. B) What a wonderful surprise from RiverExplorer. I'm sure I speak for the whole group when I say thanks so much for sharing the story with us.

We need to hear about the GOOD stuff that happens out there.

Congrats on making it to 37 and to 500. :D

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Happy B-day CYBret.  You are getting closer to the age where your ears and nose get bigger ... and everything else gets smaller.  :D


Congrats on your 500th find.

Belated Happy B-day Cybret. I agree with you -my newfound caching buds are much more thoughtful than my old golfing buds! :ph34r:

And Clearpath forgot the part about hair growing everywhere you don't want it to, and falling out where you want it to stay! :D

Congrats on #500!


I too like to make my round number caches memorable, but the last run through Nashville made #'s 700 and #800 blurry. #900 will happen this weekend at Geowoodstock, and I'll be sure to find something special for #1000.

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Way cool! But I notice he didn't put the coords for the pizza place on the card. :ph34r:


And I said happy birthday to you in chat! And I put your birthdate in my palm for every year!

I hope you enjoy your pizza! Save me a slice. :D Better not, i can't make it there before it gets cold. Happy Birthday!

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Save me a slice. :D Better not, i can't make it there before it gets cold. Happy Birthday!

And what's wrong with cold pizza?!?!!? What else are you gonna eat for breakfast?!?!!?


Monical's is a old local favorite....and when you have it you gotta drizzle a little french dressing on the top too...mmmmmm. :ph34r:


Thanks to everyone who has passed on birthday wishes here too....looking forward to meeting a few of you this weekend! :D


Bret (playin' with the new smilies)

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Everything is wrong with cold pizza!!! I know I'll catch grief for that statement, but it's MY opinion and I'm entitled to it. And now you've gone and made me just a little green in the face with the thought of French dressing on pizza! Pizza, hot and fresh is the way to go. And I like Giuliano's (Amici's) pizza the best.


I was going to list my nono's for pizza toppings, but that might start a flame war and it's not about caching, Unless you list your favorite restaurants on www.geodining.com. :laughing:

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