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Aprs Monitor

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So I built an APRS box last night. I turned it on and walked around outside. Sure enough, some APRS station heard me and I was able to 'find' myself when I looked on N1BQ's search page (no particular reason for using that one, just found it first when I googled for stuff). It works, very nice.


However, none of the online stuff or software gives me a detailed enough picture of where the beacon is coming from. I would like to be able to watch in real-time on a topo map or satellite photo. The maps I have seen are all crappy vector maps with 3 or 4 colors, and they include main roads and not much else.


What I would like is sort of like what ExpertGPS can do when you hook it up directly to a GPS (track your position in real-time) except it would be plotting incoming APRS data instead of the NMEA stuff coming directly from a GPS. Does there exist software that can do this?


I figure with a bit of work I can rig up something in Matlab that will do this, but I don't want to plunge right in to that if I would be reinventing the wheel.


Thanks. 73 Luke AC0AV

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