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Yjtb Underwater!


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I took a pic of a YJTB when i was in Aruba. I put it on the bottom of the caribbean on smoe coral with some fish and took a pic, but i don't have the pics back yet.


The fish enjoyed the TB, they actually bit at it, like a fishing lure cause it shimmered under water.


The little chain attaching the tag got yucky after dipping in the salt water.

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I have a question about under water caches.  When you place/find one is it usually already full of water, or are they watertight, full of air and anchored to the bottom?

The one I've got, Liberty Bay Resort Cache, is designed to get water in the outer container, but the inner one has so far held up quite well.


Funny thing is, I've got a YJTB (Yellow Jeep Travel Bug) headed toward this cache within the next few days too! I'll be sure to pack it in a special ziplog so that it can breathe under there... :D

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As I was picking a couple of leeches off of my legs, I wondered why the cache hasn't been visited yet...maybe now with a YJTB in it...I hope...


New York eh? Wish i were closer, would have headed out for it the day after it was listed! Love these kinds of caches!!! :D

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I was thinking of doing something like this.  What kind of container did you use.  I noticed the chuckles beside the comment watertight in the cache description.



The cache is a 1 liter nalgene lexan jar, and the stuff inside is in ziplocks. The YJTB is floating next to the big jar in a smaller nalgene jar, inside the stuff sack I suspended it all inside of in the water.


The chuckles are included in the listing because the concept of a watertight cache container is far-removed from the reality...the contents will always get wet. B)





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