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Field Day

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I was at the local 2004 Field Day, and there seemed to be a lot of (at least passing) interest in geocaching. Previous posters here have questioned about having an event cache at the field day site.


What would people think of trying to hold a HAM Field Day cache that could be logged via radio?


We have ours at a park. We could set up a geocache, or use one of the ones close by to the site. (Or better yet, a VC to the antenna location). We could log the find by determining the final coords based on a call sign puzzle. This would get geocaching into the HAM fest and would be a way to get geocachers who aren't HAM's a little exposure to it.


Here is my suggestion: We used K0USA, 8 alpha, NE as our data set. If the coords for the antenna could be determined on the set up day, then the VC's coords could be tuned on the GC page. The coords would be wrong, but the equation to correct the coords would be:


Take the first letter of the suffix ("U"), and convert it to the numeric equivalent (21), and the number of stations (8), Add these to the final 3 digits of the East/West coords to get the antenna coords (real coords = fake coords + 29).

Log onto the GC site.


For non HAM geocachers, clues to the coords could be posted on the site (using a different puzzle, and the coords for the information desk rather than the antenna).

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Several Geocachers at our field day also. (1 new, 3 veterans) There were at least two caches near our field day site.


How about a comination cache/fox hunt. The 'fox' could even broadcast the coordinates and part of it's id.


There is a fair amount of crossover between the two hobbies.


Too bad it can't be an event cache.....


Non-radio people (Ham muggles) are always welcome at our field day so a few extra cachers would be fine.


our exchange was: K2RF 3A NNJ


100 bonus points for hiding/locating a cache nearby.


Dave (dhenning25) n3uxk

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Remember - the cache would have to be permanent to get approved (as I found out in the thread I started - and closed after I got the answers from everyone - thanks). But I like the idea anyway if it could be pulled off. I think it would have to be a nearby cache.

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I hid a cache at our field day site, and one ham geocacher (Bud-T) borrowed my gps and found it in a few minutes. I did it just for fun, since several members of

the club are geocachers, which is how I got into the hobby.

I did work a mess of stations on 20m phone early Sunday, just to get my hand in.


Geocaching does involve a piece of electronics, just like ham radio, so it follows that hams would go for the geocaching, too.

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I did a bunch on the 15 meter band under the club's call sign. First time on HF. Was fun to get calls from both coasts (7 contacts during the short time I was transmitting.)


We have a number of potential sites for a geocache that are very near the site of field day. Probably would be a good idea to make it a permanent location. I like the idea of using the QSO for the cache "radio find". I will give it some more thought and see what I can come up with.

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Here is my idea:


1. place a real geocache near the area of your Field Day location (all rules for placement apply.)

2. Coords to the cache are correct.

3. Radio finds allowed by using the alphanumeric code mentioned previously to correctly define an offset from the coords.

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