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Free Cache Containers ??

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I know that tuperware containers aren't the worlds most expensive item, even ammo boxes only cost 4-5 pounds but . . . .


There are some places that have a ready supply of FREE containers that we (as cachers) would find very useful.


For example, a friend of mine works for Thames Water, they use a growth medium for sample cultures. This comes in large screwtop barrels (10-12 inches high by 7-8 inches dia) with 'o' ring seals. They get through about 2-3 a week and when finished they throw the containers away !

My friend has saved me two of these and they will make great caches. Look here - BC2 - Walking in Circles - for one already 'in the field.'


In the past I have worked at an RAF base where aerial photography took place, they had a ready supply of large (8 inch dia, 8 inch high) plastic film canisters which they regularly dumped.


Does anyone else have a good supply of free containers ??


Or, can anyone think of somewhere suitable containers could be gathered from ??


Remember, Reclaim, Reuse and Recycle

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Dispensing chemists have nice pill containers just a useful bit larger than a film canister - ideal for micro caches. If you ask they will save them for you instead of binning them. Great when painted brown and green with spray paint!

Just the sort of thing I'm looking for !!

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We got a bagful of free film canister from Jessops photography place. When they develop films they have the containers left over. We cheekily asked if they had any spares and it paid off.


Thanks for the advice, I just sent my daughter down to our local photo shop and she came back with a dozen film cannisters

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