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Harriman Pirates & Picnic


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BTW, I want that Blue Dog and I might have to come to Jersey Tomorrow to get it.


Uh oh, Floopy got it. That puppy is going for a ride. Say goodbye Neil.

It's going to Africa, where there are zebras...




Of course, the Kenyan landscape just happens to look like the top of my scanner.

Neil want his "plushy" dog back! I don't think he should have it, no telling what he'll do with it.

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$15 per boat or $15 for each group of boats. If I convince my wife to go we will each have a kayak. $30 is kinda steep.

$15 per boat. I have a boat and the requisite permit, but since this is my on-call weekend, I will not be able to attend. Hope everyone has fun and that you don't get rained on too much.

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What a blast!!! Hope everyone enjoyed the event. We had 42 Teams attend with about 85 people in attendance!!! I was a little disappointed not seeing anyone fall in the water on the Treasure Island cache.... but oh well!!!


Special thanks to Mr Map and the Night Person for their generous donations to the X Mark's the Spot cache, I have never seen such a well stocked cache!


Also to Mrs Avroair for organizing and feeding the hungry pirates after their raiding and plundering!


Thanks to all those who attended. By 11 a.m. it was sunny and a cool 73 degrees!


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Oh sure, you couldn't show us this cool map on Saturday huh?


I did, they were the black and white copies on the table. Didn't you pick one up Mac? I gave you one :blink:

I found the one with the trails on it but not that one with the caches. That's cool, I'm just bustin' chops anyway. The event was a blast like Team Shibby said. I can't wait to see what you got cooking for your next event. :blink:

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