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Passed My Technical Class Also

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Did not want to rain on someone elses parade...I just passed my Tech Class license. I was a HAM (Technician) class when Novice, Tech, General, Advanced and Extra...Let my license expire (dumb), so getting back in. Mainly interested in Packet, APRS, PKS31 and all those.

I have a All Band HF Rig, so I will study for General...Can't believe the Code dropped to 5WPM. I was at least 12 WPM when I last did it...so figure I can get up to speed pretty soon. Got a License Study Guide, but they are changing pools on July 1, 2004...but figure it will be MOSTLY the same...Have a background and Degree in Electronics, so figure the tech part I can get by. It is some of the Hard Core radio stuff, Band Plans, and Tropospheric stuff that I need help on.

Anyways, I am glad I am back on board. I am a Hardcore GPS'r, so I am excited to combine two hobbies. Will post my Call Sign when I get it.

The Club I did the test is SLOW (call it thorough), so figure it won't be at the FCC until 1 week from now. Oh well, waited almost 5 years to renew, what's another week.



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Hmmmm somehow your post got overlooked.




Another ham.... and sorry, but you are not a real ham!


Real hams can be cured! Welcome to the group.



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Welcome back! Since you were a Technician during the Novice era, you must have passed the 5 WPM code test. Pass your General theory and show proof of your Element 1 and you are a full General!


73 de KB1FLR, Rick

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Thanks guys,

I don't have any proof for the CW, so I am restudying...at 5WPM, I think I can do it pretty quickly. I remember about 80%, so I am almost there. BTW, finally did get my call sign: KG6VQE


Look forward to contacting some Geocaching/HAM's out there. Want to get my General Ticket, so been studying theory, as well as code. My goal is the end of this month. Also, bought a TNC, and wanting to get into Packet, APRS, and Digital Modes.


Thanks for the support.


Eric H.


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.



(Try fitting all that on a QSL Card)

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May your od lic. will cover you for the code requirement, check will one of your local VEs


The 5 wpm may be gone also by the time you are ready

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