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Anyone Know How To Do A Fatory Reset En A 60cs?

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From the GPS being off, hold down page and enter while turning power on. It will give you a prompt for reset.


Your unit will be like how the unit came out of the box (no waypoints (other than the Garmin locations; no tracks; no routes)). Just back it up before you do it. It did retain the MapSource maps I had loaded in.


Let is sit outside for a little while to collect all the data, and do an autolocate or 'map pointer' relocate.

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When I clear the track log my GPS gives me a nice track that follows the roads as I drive my car. But if I turn it off and then on now or wait for some time, i do not get the track to follow me. It only gives me a straight line back to where i turned the GPS off. When I move around, it only has a straight line, no track log.


I did not find out what was wrong, so I cleared all my settings, to find the problem.


I found that I had set at the "Map Setup - Tracks" page "Track log” to 12km. If I set it back to "Auto" all is ok.


The manual is not clear what this setting do.



I also found out how to get into diagnostic page.

Hold down "Enter” then press and hold down "Power" and wait until the "Diag" menu appears.

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