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Fourth Of July Gathering

Wander Lost

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DocWMB & the Nagrivator are hosting a weekend camping event over the Fourth of July weekend. As an extension of their event Misguided One and I are inviting anyone who can to our familys place in Olympia for fireworks on Sunday evening. I'm not going to list this as an actual event cache so I'm going to post the details here.


The coordinates are:


N 46° 54.984 W 122° 54.472


The coordinates are for the main gate to our parent's property. When you find the gate follow the dirt road for a little over a mile. This road goes through a very busy state park. During the summer months there is a lot of foot traffic on this road. Please drive carefully and keep your speed around 10mph. If you have a trailer and would like to camp you can go to the state's reservation page and select Millerslyvania State Park. Tenters are welcome to pitch a tent on our property.


We will have the grills fired up and ready to cook up a late dinner around 7pm. Bring your own whatever, we'll have some dogs and buns and other assorted BBQ staples. If hot dogs aren't your thing then plan to bring something to grill. If you want to bring a side dish as well, I'm sure it will get eaten. That should give everyone time to cache their way up or finish their other family obligations. If you want to come early that's no problem, we'll just be hanging out most of the day. There are two caches in the park with in walking distance of the house and we may set up some kind of twilight cache hunt on the property itself.


At dusk we'll head down to the lake front for a bonfire and fireworks. We will be bringing some ourselves but not as many as we'd like. If you'd like to contribute to the fireworks disply by bringing some you are more than welcome to. GCHNR1 is a cache that is near a local indian reservation if you are interested in some bigger fire power. We do ask that you let us control how/where they are set off. This is my parents property and that is their request.


For those spending the night breakfast will be a BYO event but for the coffee lovers we'll have a fresh pot brewing.


That's about all I can think of right now. I would like to have an idea of who is planning on coming, so you can either post an RSVP here or email me.



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I must say, this is an EXCELLENT location. Beautiful lands and fantastic hospitality. Alas, we were not able to stay, due to the long drive after the fireworks, but look forward to future events.


I am at work now, exhausted from no sleep. THx TMG!. -soup

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