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Oregon Newbie needs HELP!

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Hiya Folks,


I am REALLY new to Geocaching and am having a very hard time figuring out how this Magellan SporTrak works so I can start caching. Are there any groups in the Portland area willing to help a new bloke find his feet? I would greatly appriciate any assistance....

Please email me @ SCTLND4EVR@AOL.COM




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I don't have a SporTrac, but here are the basics.


Find out from your owners manual how to mark and edit a waypoint. Key in the geocache's coordinates, and hit "Go to" or "navigate".


From there, just follow the arrow to the cache.


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Again, welcome, LongArm503. I have a SportTrak Map which we are very happy with and which works without a hitch pretty much as simply as BrianSnat described.


I think people could be more helpful if there weere more specifics to the question.


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