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Which Gps For Pocket Pc? Sd Slot Or Pcmcia


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I have done some research and i'm going to go with a pocketpc, an IPAQ... not sure of the model but i dont think that it matters since they can all take a pcmcia or SD card. Just curious if any of you have any recomndations or ones to stay away from. I'm wanting something that gets good signal in cover... like in a jungle or parking garage or house. Any ideas?





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PCMCIA: none. Don't buy a PCMCIA GPSr for a Pocket PC. It's too big and you need a bulky expansion pack to connect it. Pocket PCs don't have PCMCIA slots.


CF: all of them are good and quite sensitive, see e.g. the selection at http://www.semsons.com/comflasgpsre.html


If you want extreme sensitivity then choose one with the Xtrac feature. However, Xtrac uses complex calculations that cause a significant delay (lagging behind the actual position). You may want to try a unit with Xtrac v2 where this delay has been largely eliminated. Or buy a dual-mode unit.

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hmmm $189 compared to $125... I don't own any other blue tooth items and i will probalby buy a dual CF sleeve for the Ipaq anyways.... i'm thinking i may be better off just getting the cheaper CF model. opinions? what would make the blue tooth worth the extr $70

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Have you ever dropped your PDA in water/mud/rocks while caching? If you have, your PDA is likely dead and so is your CF GPSr. The fact that you can separate the two allows you to secure them in rugged enclosures.


That's the reason why I cache with a handheld GPSr (Magellan Meridian Platinum) and my PDA securely locked in an Otter Box...


So ahren, do you feel lucky? Well... Do you? :(

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Get a real GPS. I tried the bluetooth/PPC combo and was unhappy with it. I still use the blue tooth GPS with my PPC in the car and I love that combo and its lack of cords.


If you do a card slot GPS with a PPC you need to mount the PPC in the car somewhere that the card can get a good view of the satellites. If your lucky this will be somewhere convenient for you to see it and use it if not it can be very ackward. The card also sticks out and can easily be broken or damaged. CF slots are not very thick.


There are ruggedized PDA's but not an inexpensive readily available one. Putting your PDA in a otterbox or similar case protects it but makes it very bulky.


I ended up buying a fortrex 201 and couldn't be happier. I still use the PPC in the field but not as a GPS. It may have something to do with having 2 small children (2 yrs and 2 months), I already have enough things to juggle and the wrist mounted foretrex is very convenient and reasonably priced at the low end of the range.

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