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Matchstick Containers

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I plan to use one of those thin, primarily waterproof matchstick containers at one stage of a multi-cache. It will need to hang near the bottom of a hollow branch shaped somewhat like an elephant trunk.


Any ideas on the best way to do this?


Do the containers ever come with a hook or would a small one be easy to attach?


Does the double-sided velcro work for an extended period of time if attached to wood and plastic?


I'm not sure I could screw/nail/pin much into the branch without causing noticeable damage or violating guidelines, but something small might be acceptable.

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I've created some larger hanging caches using 1/2 gallon rubbermaid containers (the clear kind that normally are used in the kitchen instead of the woods).


I bought eye-bolts and rubber washers at Home Depot, drilled a pilot hole in the bottom of the container, place a nut and washer on the eye-bolt, run the eye-bolt through the pilot hole, then, on the inside of the container, put another rubber washer and tighten down hard with a final nut.


Works great!

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