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76cs Or 76c

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I saw the thread about ONLY :o 60cs questions so I was wanting to start one about the 76cs or 76c. I'm just loving my 76cs. There are a few things in the maps that aren't exactly right but I guess that is to be expected.


One concern that I do have is the "accuracy". When it first locks onto 3 satelites, the accuracy is ~115ft. but as more sats come on board, the accuracy diminishes greatly down to 19 or 20 ft.


The multi color satelite option is great too, if your interested in what the satelites are doing.

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Most of the things that are said about the 60 are likely true of the 76C(s) as well (only the 76Cs is better :o IMHO)


I really like

  • Color
  • 115Mb for Maps !!!
  • New Operating Interface
  • Autorouting !!!
  • Geocahing mode is nice (but definately not needed!)

ONE thing I don't like (also true of the 60):

  • Text sizes are way too big with too much 'white space' for data fields.
  • Hopefully a firmware update (I've sent in a request) will allow a choice for smaller data field sizes (like on the 76s)

As for Size, the 60 people will claim the 76 is the size of a small river barge. NOT True. In fact the total exterior dimensions are nearly identical. I know, I know, the 76 case is largely rectangular (i.e. it floats) and the 60 case has the rhino style antenna and rounded off bottom, but the point is, the 76 series is NOT huge. It fits in shirt pockets, it fits beautifully in my hands. My wife is rather petitte and she has no complaints using the 76cs. I am only rambling on so, because the 60 crowd would scare off any potential purchasers who've never even seen a 76 series.





If you find you need accessory cables and such: GPS Geek (a.k.a. Gilsson Tech) can't be beat! They also sell a very nice case with clear window for the 76 series!


RAM mounts are great and become relatively inexpensive once you expand to multiple uses (i.e. car, bike, etc) RAM Mounts specific to the 76 series...9301430135J.gif9301430135DA.jpg

I've said if before and here it is again:

"I'll take double the memory of the 60 series in a floating case any day!!!!!"



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I like mine, I'm sure I'll like it more once I figure out how to use it.


Regarding the size between the 76CS and 60CS, the 76CS is .1 (one tenth) of an inch longer, .3 wider and .1 deeper. That's not a big size increase, considering it has twice the memory. It easily fits in my shirt pocket.


I wish it had the ability to be switched into portrait mode. I liked that with my old GPS II+.

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Have you tried to make different track logs different colors. :o woohoo!! I really like that aspect. I'm trying to get (from a friend) the tracklog of a local bike trail system. It gets confusing while you are in there and if you need to get out sometimes you could get lost. But with 20 saved tracks and 16 different colors, I could color each trail a different color and all of the trail-heads say black and then I'll have a nice little map of the area.

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I know the physical dimensions of the 76c(s) are barely bigger than the 60c(s), but man, if you hold the two side by side, the 76's feel a lot bigger IMHO. Hence, I went with the 60, but wish I had the map memory of the 76 :o. (Although, that being said, I've found the 60's map memory to be more than adequate for me so far). I don't think one can really lose with either unit though.

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I guess a lot of how they feel depend on how you hold a GPS.

  • If you hold it in the palm of you hand your thumb is up by the buttons on top of the 76cs, but you would have to move your thumb across the screen for the 60CS
  • If you hold it on your 4 (or 5 for our 6-fingured friends :o ) then your thumb would be closer to the bottom and then the 60CS would be a better feel, and you would have to move your thumb across the screen for the 76cs.

Personally, I hold the gps in my palm and everything works fine for the 76CS. It does feel a bit bigger than my Dad's 60CS but my first one was the 72 (same body style as the 76CS) so I guess I got used to the way the "larger" GPS felt.


By the way, how much more memory does the 76cs have compared to the 60cs? Well my Dad came up from SC to visit me in VA. He could only load around the Charleston, SC area, Lynchburg, VA area and a straight line path between the two but only half of Charlotte, NC.


My 76CS will hold ALL of VA, NC, and SC.


I'll take double the memory of the 60 series in a floating case any day!!!!!

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I just seems like the 76 is not as rugged as the 60 cs. I say this ( not owning either yet) because the 60 has the smaller shape to it with a hole that can be used to click to your bag or belt and it has a nicer grip. Where as the 76 is a rectangle that looks more suitable for a car and has a bunch of nice surface area to scratch up in the upper portion of the device.


If the 60 had more mem and floats, there would be no decision. Therefore the 60's would seem to have the better style.

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I just seems like the 76 is not as rugged as the 60 cs. 


I would be more concern if rugged is a requirement of the antennae protruding out from the main body.


The 76 is very rugged. I've dropped my 72 (similar body style) from 10 ft up onto a hard packed path with no scratches and/or side affects.

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What is the difference between the RAM mounts and Garmin's mount?

Ram Mounts are extremely flexible and adaptable to multiple uses as they are built around 1" ball mounts, couplers, bases & cradles... here's some misc. part picts...








Lead center weighted-flexible base...my personal favorite for cars...



RAM has COUNTLESS parts/subparts that can be ordered for almost any circumstance or device...

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Beta Version 3.41 is on Garmin's website. Try it out here


Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.41:


  • Improved track log recording in Auto mode.
  • Increased the size of the compass pointer on the Compass page.
  • Enabled the compass pointer to be shown while navigating a Follow Road route.
  • Added a progress indicator when calculating a Follow Road route.
  • Increased the precision of the project waypoint distance field.
  • Added the ability to independently show or hide entire map families on the Map Setup page.
  • Added meters per second as an option for vertical speed units.
  • Added Greek language.
  • Added an option to the Altimeter Setup page that enables the unit to record pressure trend data while power is off (readings are taken every 15 minutes).


Remember this

Technical support is not available for this beta software. However, users are encouraged to email feedback to: Gmap60cBeta@garmin.com.
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I've had my 76C for a month now and love everything about it. Sure I could come up with a few suggestions geared towards my own personal opinions and based on subtle differences between it and my former unit, a GPS V, but nothing earth shattering.

What I would like to know however is how any of you owners feel about the 76C's ability to maintain satellite lock when in those less than ideal areas compared to former units. I think its not as good as the V but I haven't put them side by side as yet to actually get a good comparison. What have you seen??


Thanks, Olar

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Could someone help me out with with the difference's between the Garmin 76, 76c and the 76cs. Do they all have auto track, compass, altimeter and the large memory. I'm having trouble finding the difference. I'm a newbee and could use some help. Thanks to all that respond.



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GPSMAP 76 - black and white screen, no compass or altimeter, 8 meg memory, does not autoroute


GPSMAP 76S - black and white screen, compass and altimeter, 24 meg memory, does not autoroute


GPSMAP 76C - color screen, no compass or altimeter, 115 meg memory, does autoroute


GPSMAP 76CS - color screen, compass and altimeter, 115 meg memory, does autoroute

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