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Originally posted by rocketman1:

Originally posted by Rocket Man:

Only Testing


Hi Rocket Man.

I think because of you I had to be Rocketman1.

I have been called Rocketman for over thirty years.


You could still be Rocketman, he has a space in his version... Unless there is another Rocketman, other than Rocket Man


Take Care



Wherever you go there you are.

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Originally posted by 1911:

DUDE! You really need to hire a maid! icon_eek.gif


...why is your deoderant laying on the floor? The dirty socks need to go in the laundry too.I give you an _F_ for house keeping. icon_razz.gificon_wink.gif


Now ya see, I came away with a completely different impression. Look at the Dust and dirt on the floor, the unfinished wood. Now, look at the bin of lacy, pretty things there that no man would buy.


I see evidence of a woman's presence nearby, but I also see evidence that she doesn't come to this place often. This is an area used for storage. I would say it was a garage or basement, but the wooden floors would be unusual in those cases. I'd say it's an unfinished attic, but that's just a guess.


Now, witness the various working items. There's an empty bowl, and a partly used bag of chips. There's a backpack, some printouts, a small stapler, and lots of cables along with a working computer setup. Note that IMPORTANT stuff, the equipment and a few cushions to keep the dog comfortable, has been take care of, albeit with no consideration given to how it looks.


This is some guy's work area. It's one of those places that guys escape to when they want to be left alone to organize their equipment, or do a little tinkering. The Deoderant is there to be packed, the printouts are probably for geocaching. The dog is keeping the man company, while he plans their next outing.


I LOVE places like this. After we men do everything to keep our families happy, we generally carve ourselves a little hole out in some gritty corner, where we won't be disturbed. There, surrounded by stored clutter, and accompanied by our dog, we do our tinkering, playing, and organizing, leaving the rest of the world to play in the finished areas we helped create for them.



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