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Turtle Boy And Monkey Girl Reach 100!!

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Hey All, I thought you'd be interested to know that Turtle Boy and Monkey Girl (who happen to be siblings) both reached the 100 mark today! I'd had the honor of doing a couple of night caches with Turtle Boy and his grandfather Quoddy a while back a quickly realized what a fine geocacher Turtle Boy was. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to cache with Monkey Girl yet. These two young cachers have a serious nose for caching. For those of you who may have been stumped on a cache or two of mine, you should note that I believe these two have found all of my caches including Power Trip 2 and all of my Sourland caches including the only finds of Sourland Sweet Spot in it's previous configuration.


Congrats on the milestone you 2!!!!!

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CONGRATS!!!! You two are some serious cachers (and so young)!!! We see you all over the place! And I'm sure now that summer's here and school's out, you'll probably reach 200 by Labor Day! Can't wait until we get to 100. And by the way MonkeyGirl, Bugbait and I TRIED Magoo's Mommy of Multiple Minis 4 times and still can't find stage 2! So, we're a bit envious. Keep on cachin' and we'll keep on stashin'. Have fun!!!

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