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Really Old Survey Marker?

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While atempting this cache, I stumbled upon an intresting stone that i believe to be a survey marker dating back to 1832. Its a square piece of sandstone with a indentation on the top for there survery equipment with a big bronze plaque on the front. I've read descriptions of some markers 'of the usual type' and it refers to a stone block. Is this such a stone? (And go figure, its not listed in the GC database.)


PS: Yep, thats a YJTB :lol:



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Meridian stones The history of these types of markers is definitely obscure, but maybe this can help a bit. Found these a couple of years ago. They were located in someone's back yard and the landowner just happened to know some of the local history and had an info sheet that the original owner had written. This sheet is attached here also.
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