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Satellite Problem, Gpsr Glitch, Or Aliens?


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Hey all,


Did anyone else experience a strange occurence with satellite reception this past Saturday morning? I was driving in the Madison, NJ area around 10 a.m. when I not only lost my previous strong lock on all satellite for about 20 mins, but the satellites (except 1) totally disappeared from my tracking screen. After about 20-30 mins they began reappearing one by one over about another 20 min period. It was very strange. Especially since my GPSr had me located in the Artic Sea before the satellites finally relocked.



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What I found out on Sunday is when my GPS overheats, e.g. if I leave it on the dashboard at midday, it loses satellite lock. Of course there may be other reasons.


I think the strangest thing that happened was when I was caching in the Virginia Beach area and suddenly the GPS had me in the middle of the Atlantic and stayed that way for a few minutes.

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Mine has told me I was 20 miles inside CT when in fact I was only 19.95 miles in.


But seriously folks, I was on the North shore on Long Island and it kept telling me I was about 30 miles north. I even "rebooted" it and i still said the same thing. Only when I left the area did it correct itself. I've heard similar stories like that, all within the same proximity.


The truth is out there.

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Same problem lately on my Sports Trac Pro. I would leave it on the top of the kayak while out in the sun. After an hour, I would loose satelites as well. It wouldn't clear up even after I got in the car.


It told me I was at work. It was horrible, horrible.


Took it home and left the batteries out for an hour. Seems to be ok.

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I have had this occur on a number of occassions. The first was while I was driving across an open field/marsh area in DE. It just lost everything for about 5 mins or so until it came back. It has happened to me more than once while out there navigating. I would not think that it is heat as I am in the south now with no a/c in the vehicle and I am having no problems. One of those mysteries of life I guess.

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Interesting....I thought is was just me. Several weeks ago I fired up the Legend and it placed me in Antarctia, this with no less than 5 sats.


Yesterday I was in a very different part of my state (PA) and fired up the GPSr and it placed me in Greenland. Again with a multitude of sats.


Some observations I made:


On both occasions the unit held it's location no matter what I did until I shut the GPSr down, restarted and reaquired sats again (pretty much all the same sats).


No unusual atmospheric conditions, sever temp. or humidity existed. Nor were there any other issues such as terrain or known RF sources near by. In fact on Sundat I was way out in the wilderness with not even a road within miles.


Both times it gave me a broad spectrum map of a wide grographical area.


Both instances were on a weekend the first on Sat. 6/22 (same day as Natureboy44) but earlier in the morning. The last was just this past Sunday 7/11 at approx. 8:30am.


I don't suspect the GPSr as the culprit as I use it almost daily and have not had any other instances of misleading.


Maybe I'm crazy :unsure: !!!!!! Good thing I decided not to follow that arrow and bushwack. It would have been a long journey.


The again, maybe there is a pattern...... 6/22 - 7/11 - should we check again, early in the morning on 8/11 or 8/22??

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