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Haliburton Forest


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I was searching for caches in Haliburton Forest, and while there are many in the general area, i was not able to determine if any were actually in the park. I'm going to be biking there for a weekend and thought it would be fun to do a cache or 2 while i was there but this would mean i would have to purchase a GPS as I normally geocache with a friend who has one....


Does anyone know if there is a cache within the park boundaries?

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I don't *think* so....


There is many in the nearby area. User "Shelly's Crew" has many great caches in the area (Richie's falls is currently gone so dont go there).


Lots of great caching to do in Haliburton but im pretty sure none are in the HF property (if you find out of any I'd like to know :tongue:)

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I just ran a search for the closest caches to what appears to be close to the centre of the park (see here) (N 44° 16.700' W 78° 33.500') and plotted them on my topo map. None of these appear to be within the park boundaries.


The closest ones appear to be:


GC8CE Sibthorp by MaximusNT Click here

GCGQRR Dam Beavers by logger&trail Click here

GC168C Nunikani by MaxReger Click here

GC1613 Rocky Wilderness by usber Click here

GCHTTV Hawk Lake Log Chute by Shelley's Crew Click here

GCGQQC Algonquin Park : Penn Lake Portage by Bent & Twisted Click here

GCGQME We all fall down by logger&trail Click here

GCGT93 Life's a Beech by pheonix_wood Click here

GCGTVF Northern Exposure by logger&trail Click here

GC5D63 Dorset Lookout by BullShipper Click here

GCG4RN Western Uplands by FallenAngel Click here

GCDAC Algonquin Track and Cache by Scanteem Click here

GCH3B3 Ragged Falls by GPSjim Click here

GCE0B5 Cache Squared by Men with Brooms Click here

GCG4AE Gut of the York-Almost by Shelley's Crew Click here

GC84E Algonquin By Canoe by cro Click here

GCGQ57 Algonquin Toy Story by Barndog Click here

GC9CB3 High Falls Anniversary Cache by Shelley's Crew Click here

GC82F0 Algonquin Island Cache by bgrandy Click here

GC151B Algonquin Lookout South Trail by GPSjim Click here

GCHYT5 Almost Algonquin by Geofellas Click here

GC85D Algonquin On Foot by cro Click here

GCJ7Z3 Whitewater Wonder by KETAK Click here

GCHTJH Wilberforce be With You? by Geofellas Click here

GCG7QR Surviving Cinder Lake by Fire Eater Click here

GC5AA7 Algonquin Towering Trees Cache by Caliburn Click here

GCD4B Spider Rock by jefficus Click here

GC1444 Lost Baby Joe's Cache (Algonquin Park) by MBurt Click here

GC970F Restored Ritchie Falls by Shelley's Crew Click here

GCGPRY Burnt Island Lake Cache by TOMTEC Click here

GC63D8 Fen Geocache by Shelley's Crew Click here

GCH2PW To Beth Lake by North_Traxx Click here

GCH1FC Into the Fern Hill Wild by rpegly Click here

GCGBE4 Mhor Training Needed by zoic Click here

GC713F Best Cache by a Dam Site by BullShipper Click here

GCGQ9E Dying To Be Memorable by Amazon Annie Click here

GC1786 algonquin #1 by clonq Click here

GC6004 On A Wing and A Prayer by Bearington Click here

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