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Andado Track, Australia

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I was in Alice Springs last week for the Finke Desert Race. We did some side trips (including depositing a still-unannounced cache north of the Tanami Track) including a drive down the Andado Track, along the western edge of the Simpson Desert.


So anyway, we had to bolt from our camp in the night, and stupidly I left my binoculars sitting on the roof of the truck.


Now they're sitting there at the camp and I am sitting back here in Singapore, with no way to recover them.


They're within, I'm sure, fifty feet from my campsite, and it's so remote and so dry, the driving tracks are still there, too.


So of couse the idea is to pop it up as a one-time geocache, right? I have some close coordinates, it's a nice drive, and there are some sand tracks to let you play 'tracker.' [Anyway, a lot more fun than most of the 'find a canadian penny in a margarine container' types of caches around]


Well, the geocaching bishops of Australia decided it was impure and forbid it as a cache (even as a short-lived one). [by the way, I really appreciate the aid..]


Anyway, in the exceptionally unlikely chance someone is buzzing by, and wants to boost a pair of binoculars, look around


S 24° 15.605 E 134° 43.853 (WGS84)

UTM: 53J E 472684 N 7316952


(they're not cheap binoculars, either)



Michael Slater


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