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I was wondering if anyone knew of any tourism / travel websites that cater to geocachers? I.e. coordinates of tourist attractions, suggested routes for download, etc.


I'm prepararing for an upcoming trip to England & France I'm taking in July, and have begun to plug a few waypoints of must-see tourist attractions into my GPSr to create my own personalized tourist route. This got me to thinking that maybe someone has already collected this information and put it online somewhere.

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The UK geocache website allows you to upload all or some of the caches in various formats -including Garmin Masource format, really useful as it will display them n the mapsource maps on the pc then.

France is a bit of a geoghost town, there are are few in tourist areas, mostly planted by english tourist, and not much else, ther4e was a thread about it in the geocacheUK forum (or possible this forum UK section) have a look for it.



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I have several waypoints for England, if you want to email me, and I'll send them to you. Or an alternative is to go to my cachepage and look at the points found in November 03. Most were virtuals. Before I took my trip over, I did a lot of searching and found several that were close to where tour buses stop.

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