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Buck Mountain Summit Micro Challenge - Log Entries


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Figured I'd make a controversial post.


In a group hunt today, AvroAir, Squealy, Semper Securus and I found the Buck Mountain Summit Micro Challenge. Quite a feat since the last 4 logged attempts were all DNFs.


In reviewing the signed log page, it seemed like there were less entries then what was logged on the web site as "found" so I noted the names logged in the cache.


Now, I'm not making any accusations, and maybe there's a reason, but the following "finds" were not logged on the sheet in the cache:

CacheDog, wtes & petespaws


All the other logged finds on the web site are also logged on the physical sheet in the cache.


Peculiar, very peculiar.

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Actually there isn't supposed to be a logbook in there. It was one of those (Now thankfully not allowed) count the change inside and e-mail me the amount for credit. I noticed some of the people who found it before me signed the back of the "geocaching letter" so I probably did as well, but it isn't a requirement, so I'm sure some people didn't bother.

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No paratrooper - he wouldn't fit - there is a purple ninja (for kicking Avro's a**! :( )

OH YEAH!!! I still have your Blue dog hostage, you had better be nice to me or the travel bug gets it! :):bad::PB)


Don't make me cache on LI and paint your a** purple! B)


Hey, BTW how do you log these yellow jeep travel bugs? :)

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