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Are You Going Caching On Fathers Day?


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Absolutely, positively, no doubt about it. Father's Day is too sad for me since my Dad passed away years ago. We have no kids, so the best thing to do is get outside, Dad would have liked that. I have to turn off all the Father's Day commercials. They bother me.

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I am taking my Dad fly fishing, but we might cheat and use corn to catch carp on the fly rods. We then will likely go find one of my Mom's (Nevap) caches, that I haven't found and so that I can save Mom a trip to remove a flare from it that someone left in there.

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As her Father's Day present to me, Little Leprechaun is taking me to find Hampton, by Quest Master. It's a classic cache by Southwestern PA's best cache hider. It features an 8-mile bike ride on an old railroad bed along a scenic river in the back woods of Fayette County, known by local geocachers as "The Fayette Cong."


I can think of no better present than getting away from it all and enjoying a day outdoors with Little Lep!


Here's a picture from along the trail we will be riding:



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This year, Father's Day is also this critter's 3rd birthday, so it looks like I'm going to be occupied with some fatherly duties and unable to get out and cache.


However, my own birthday is in less than 2 weeks and if all goes well I'm going to hit my 500th find that day. That's the only present I've asked for....so far. :lol:

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Yep, I went out by myself and did a few hours of combined hiking/caching (3 hours, 3 finds) in one of my favorite parks. Had a great time, very relaxing and I needed it... Tonight our little family is going out to dinner, but I've already found the cache that's next to the restaurant. :huh:


Although........ :huh:

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Just woke up from a HUGE Father's Day nap.  No one called...no one bothered me...no one asked me to take out the trash.

Yep, me to ... it was awesome. My wife and kids let me nap for 90 mins. without one interruption. When I woke up the pork ribs were ready to pull out of the smoker. I still can not believe it. Heaven on earth. :huh:

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My three kids (two girls and a boy), my wife and I went caching today after going out to lunch with my father. It was a fairly slow day though with only three found. But, we had great fun on the three we found! And my 3yr old was insistent that he was going to "lead us out" of the area in which our last cache was found. Lots of fun, relatively no whining - even after a one-mile walk.


Happy Fathers Day to all other Fathers!

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My daughter (JuanitaRebel) and Mrs. TL (which is very rare) went hunting for one with me this morning. A block away from home, I got a call from ClayJar that he was about an hour from the rendevous point and I booked out of there with my family's blessing to meet up with him and the party that was waiting for him.

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I went caching solo today. It's fun sometimes to go it alone. I hit a few caches that I would normally avoid with the kids. Good thing too, I tangled with some monster stinging nettle.


I'm also expecting a call from my oldest daughter, who is in labor as we speak. I could be a grandpa for fathers day.

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Congrats BadAndy!


I went out today with a friend and we found our first TB!...missed a Jeep TB in the same cache by about 1 minute...literally...saw the other couple moving in and we waited a ways back so we couldn't see where they were heading....


But I think finding my first TB is a good Fathers Day present!



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Little Leprechaun and I carried out our plan as described above in this post. We found "Hampton" in an epic seven-hour trip (driving, mountain biking and hiking). All that for one smiley face! We had a picnic lunch right at the spot where the photo from my initial post was taken. We took pictures of a yellow jeep travel bug at the same spot, before dropping the YJTB off in the cache. We lingered at the old ghost town of Hampton to explore a little bit before riding back (uphill).


Sometimes it is fun to find 20 caches in a day, at a bunch of suburban parks that will blur into one hazy memory. Sometimes it is better to find just one cache, with your daughter along for the adventure, and have a day that you'll remember for a lifetime.

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