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How Long For Approval

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Mellow out.........The wait for a cache to be approved seems like forever.......the longer the wait the better the cache is :unsure:......Don't bother the approver witha email it's in the Q and will get approved.........if they have to respond to email it will make the wait longer.......Mellow.............

it will be approved........:lol:


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Heh wait a minute.......it's in my neighbourhood....Why hasn't this cache been approved post haste...........??????????????? I'm gonna complain too??????? Ha HA All in jest.........the approvers have to have the chance to chase a cache too........ they will get it done :lol:

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Hi Debi13,


Thank you for your cache submission. I only see one cache by you in the queue. Your cache, "She BANGS !!!"!, is being reviewed by cache-tech. Please look at your cache page for cache-tech's comments regarding the status of this listing. These comments would also have been sent to you via email.


Now... had this been a MercRocks cache, well.. that is a topic for another entire thread!!! :-)




Volunteer Cache Reviewer

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Funny thing is... I sent my approval form on Thurday at around suppertime... Received an email yesterday saying it was approved.


However, Directly on the geaocaching.com approval form it states that the caches are approved by volunteers and it could tale 48-72 hours +/-.


--- BuS_RiDeR ---

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The approvers are busy people who have other jobs and families as well.



The approvers should be at our beck and call 24/7. What's with them? I mean, what's the big idea of having a life while I have a cache awaiting approval?


Just kidding of course. I've had a cache approved in less than an hour; another one took the better part of a week. Most took about 2 days. I've even had one cache approved by an out-of-area approver because cache-tech and MrG were busy.


Yeah, I know, I'm not adding much to the topic; it's too darn hot to move.

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I've had caches approved in less then 1/2 hour (or was that less then 10 mins) and I had it take 2-3 weeks (non standard cache). No worrys these guys are doing a great job on their own time. I wouldn't bother getting excited about it unless you are seeing lots of caches that are placed after yours getting approved before yours, then you might want to drop them a note.

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