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Oooh, That's Clever!

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...and some caches are about the views. Some are folklore or legend based. Some are just at the end of a nice walk and there's nothing wrong with that!


What I want to know is, which ones have you done that made you say "dadgum, that's very creative!" or words to that effect?


Dan Wilson and I did The Little Cemetery Safari by sparafucile a few weeks ago and we were both very impressed. If you've done it too you'll know it's a twisty puzzle cache with a surprise ending.


So don't be shy, let the world know if you've done a cheeky, ingenious cache that you logged with loads of exclamation marks!


SP :blink:

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Quality over quantity!

Two recent ones come to note.

'Hanging Around' GCJBFW by Wotsits for the brilliance, but simplicity of how its hidden.

'Toads Haul' GCJ9HP by Change Bringer for the way its totally set up, The location and story also help.

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so paul - how about a write up for the mag???

As a magazine columnist since 1997, I've kind of got in the habit of being paid for it! But I'll have a look at the magazine and if I think I could add something worth saying, I could be tempted to bash off a thousand words or so... Cache setting is really my *thing* though, and I'm not sure I want to give all my secrets away :unsure:


SP :lol:

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I'd like to put forward three caches which fit the bill.


Two are in Scotland; one close to the Welsh/English border.


In Edinburgh the "Up the Close and down the Stair" is a beautifully constructed and very highly informative and very evocative tour of the heart of that lovely city, following the trail of Burke and Hare who were body snatchers who turned to selecting very fresh meat.


It's a multi-part virtual which is well worth the longish walk, but is one which even desk-bound geocachers will get some interest from simply by reading it.


Another is located in Edinburgh's closely neighbouring port town of Leith.


It's called "Ships Claret & Golf". It too is a wonderful tour which conducts you through some key areas of the port and gives you a detailed briefing of the rich history of the place. It's also one which makes you work a little, rather than just plodding head down staring at the pointer needle of your GPS. It too is actually worth reading just for the well-researched local history which it contains, even if you are not self-briefing for an expedition to it.


I commend them both.


My third candidate is quite different in nature.


It's called "A Bridge too Far - The Long Mynd".


It's a conventional cache in the sense that you are told exactly where to find it and its conventional cachebox, but it's a very clever puzzle cache in that you have to figure out how to make it across an obstacle in the last few metres. Great fun and very satisfying when you make it to the location. (And back again!)


Cheers, The Forester

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We particularly liked Write and Mane's "Merthyr Marathon" series: eight caches exploring the industrial past of Merthyr Tydfil and surrounds. Write and Mane put a lot of good research and legwork into designing them. It required a serious time investment on our part, but we got hooked and knocked them off in the space of two months. :mad:



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two of my top three so far are puzzle caches,:


Little Cemetery Safari: I've said it before, most inventive cache

Squirrels nest: Just the cutest thing ever (Sorry Seasider, it just pips your original)

Hermits Hideaway: most awesome location (sadly archived awaiting regrowth)

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