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Benchmark Picture Contest !

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I was just looking over a map download (Mount Discovery Antarctica USGS ST 57-60/10) when I notice a small triangle  placed about 1000' from where I am sitting.

Oh  boy! Grab the camera, hat, gloves, insulated overalls, fleece and windshell,  and off like an overstuffed penguin to the top of the hill.


I don't think anyone is going to try for my one and only geocache hide  Cone_Z today.

Mac--thanks very much for the benchmark and scenic photos from Antarctica. I sure wish I could get FTF on your cache; the FTF prize is beautiful.


I guess the photo below doesn't quite qualify for the "contest" because the mark (HR0727) has been destroyed. But if it had still been there, it would have been in this photo. ;-)





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This thread was dropping too far back, and there aren't enough ocean scenes represented, so I'll submit one of mine.



This one is on top of Ft. Warren on Georges Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands. In the far background is Boston Light, a landmark type benchmark.




As an added bonus, this one is in front of Plainmont Cemetary, east of Barry, VT. The benchmark is in the shaded oval (it doesn't quite fit the requirements, but I liked the photo enough to include it).

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My thanks to the op and to picture contributors...WOW!!! Great Pictures!


I'm going to have to go out and find some more benchmarks...thanks for reinvigorating my hunger for benchmarks.



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I can't compete with some of the photographs from the west. But this is the best view I have found so far.


Park Reference Mark3 and missing Reference Mark 1 Perry County, PA



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NorStar, you missed AE4176 about 50 feet closer to the entrance of the cemetery.


BTW, it is the Plain-Mont Cemetery. It is located on the Plainfield, Montpelier town lines in Plainfield, VT, not Barre.


Here's one submission. I just like the picture.



The disk is hard to see but it is located in the lower center of the picture.

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