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Thou Shall Not Whine

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Since TPTB will not respond to my email, and the situation is bothering me,

I decided to bring this matter up in the forums. I sent a letter to a certain admin that I felt was appropriate. The response to the letter came with quite a shock. I never would have imagined how disrespectful a moderator could be. I thought bygones were bygones but apparently this certain moderator holds grudge.

After Bons summed up the last drama episode, I thought it was over. I was even asked by this certain mod if I would be interested in the YJTB and he told me he wasn't a bad person. To make a long story short here is my letter and the response to it.



I thought last night Electric Mouse was the new approver for Co. I was hoping he would just approve the new cache, then I was going to edit it. I understand the guidelines and rules and I am in know way of disagreeing with them. I would love for the original Runyon cache to be unarchived, but I didn't want to beat a dead horse. The Runyon cache is an excellent cache and I would maintenance the cache regally if you were to hook me up. The poem and everything about the cache goes with that spot. Do you know what I mean? And what cache is 46 feet away? I would rather negotiate a compromise, then to argue and complain with you. Could I also get some info on that yjtb situation? I have been checking the mail for about a week now.




You know what cache is 46 feet away. you have argued about it in the forums before. Its the puzzle cache that is being worked on and is disabled. What you tried to do was slip one past the new guy. Didn't work. Nice try, but it didnt work.

YJTBs will go in the mail this week. everything has been delayed 1 week.

Want to make my live easy? instead of talking a good game and expecting everyone to forget REAL FAST, just go about your business and behave and stop drawing attention to your self telling me how great you would be maintaining a cache or what a GREAT approver you would be and just cache. THAT would impress me. All this talk doesnt


Why do I need to impress anybody and I think a certain mod owes me an apology.


Am I in the wrong here too?

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I don't know that you are in the wrong or the right. It's been brought up in the forums though that a cache being worked on (so long as the admins know about it) can block a cache that has been placed.


At this point the only thing to do is hash out how long is long enough to wait for the other cache owner to get their cache completed before they lose out to someone else.

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Is this where the Lynch Mob roles in? <<SNIP>>

You don't need a lynch mob. You are your own worst enemy. This passive/aggressive act has become tiresome. How long till this blows up, you quit and return promising to be a better forum member?


Don't bother answering. I'm sure you don't even realize there's an obvious pattern here.

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I did not think the Approver sounded rude, the Approver sounded tired of beating a dead horse that has started to decompose, that's just gets gross. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

Ditto that. No sympathy this time.


Why do you feel the need to air dirty laundry in public, anyway?

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Not sure about the issues and background surrounding the cache (to be honest, the threads that dealt with these/your issues in the past are just plain painful to read). That being said, on the forums that I moderate, private messages/emails posted in a public forum are a real no-no (regardless of how "justified" you feel in doing it)!


Just my .02!



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