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Novin Green State Forest Group Caching


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Hey there.


Anyone up for a group hike in Novin Green State Forest. This Saturday, June 19th. We are starting around 9:15 am - 9:30 about a 4-5 mile hike, bagging 10-12 geocaches... we will be parking at the Otter Hole parking lot on Glenwild Ave.


Caches on the agenda:

1. Buck Mountain Overlook

2. Buck Mountain Summit Micro Chalenge

3. Sierra Bravo-05- Stone Living Room

4. Osio Rock Ramble (multi)

5. Chikahoki Falls

6. Wanaque Overlook

7. The View

8. Assiniwikam Mountain Cache

9. Wyanokie High Point

10. A Mine is a Terrible Thing


Also nearby:

11. Windbeams Windfall

12. Go take a hike

13. Speak Friend and Enter

14. DMP: The World's Easiest Puzzle Cache


Happy trails... ;)

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The View? I missed that one! Is it new? I think I own, or found most of those, but I can say that they are all enjoyable caches. Wanaque Overlook and the Assiniwikam Mountain Cache are two of the best caches I've found. I'd estimate the hike as closer to 6-7 miles RT, if you include Osio Rock and Stone Living Room, but it might be one of the best 6-7 miles of hiking in NJ. Norvin Green SF is one of NJ's true gems and not as popular as it should be, considering the incredible views and interesting terrain.


Knowing the area, I'd suggest parking at Weis Ecology Center. That way you can start at Mine Is a Terrible Thing, then hit Wynokie HP, Wanaque Overlook, Chikahoki Falls...at which point you can decide whether to hit the caches on the other side of GlenWild Ave (Osio Rock and Stone Living room), or if time (or breath) is short, go straight to Buck Mtn, then on to Assiniwikam (I'm not sure where The View is).


Bring your camera on this one!

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Buck Mountain Summit Micro Challenge has 4 DNFs (3 separate attempts) and hasn't been found since Oct 2003.

I'm willing to bet its still there. Takes luck to find that one.


Do you want to join us Brian so you can find that one cache?


I have other hiking plans for the day, otherwise I'd join the group. For anybody who has not been here, I highly recommend joining up. You will not be disappointed. Its fairly rugged terrain (by NJ standards) though. These aren't Reebok trails.

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What do you think of parking at the Ecology Center like Brian said?

Trying to visually match the caches in MapSource to the trail map, we could do most in a loop with minimal back tracking. I think The View and nearby Assiniwikam cache require back tracking no matter how we go. Likely the 2 south caches too (Osio Rock and Sierra Bravo) though the trail map shows a proposed Fox trail going from there towards the Chikahoki Falls.


My thought would be if we're going to attempt all of them, it probably doesn't matter. If there's a good possibility we can't get to them all (too long / too tired / too old :unsure: ) then maybe we need to park near whatever half is the starting point. Or, we can leave a car at each spot though it looks like there's no direct road to drive between parking areas and MapSource shows it an 8 mi drive each way.


Mapping things out 4 are "near" the Otter hole lot, 4 "near" the Weiss lot and then the 2 (Wanaque and Chikahoki Falls) sort of equidistant from either lot.

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I would suggest that if anyone finds the Buck Mountain Summit Micro Challenge cache they should take it with them and ask to have GC.com archive it.


The owner has been MIA from the website since Friday, March 14, 2003. I won't be able to join you all on this quest. But with a group you have a better chance of finding this cache.


I've found one of this users caches. It was the size of a book of matches hidden in a small rock field. The area was 10'x10' and it took almost 2 hours to find the cache. I'm sure we could have found it quicker if we had trashed the area during our search.


This is just my opinion maybe some others feel differently.

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Parking at Weis, or Glenwild would work. I'd do the former personally because there are more options to bail out if you're running late, or the weather turns bad, or you're pooped. You can either include Osio Rock and SLR in the loop, or drive over to Glenwild once you've completed the others to finish off those two.i

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If the start is at Weis. Route 80 to 287 north. to Wanaque exit (55 I think). Right off ramp and get onto CR 511 (Ringwood Ave). Go a few miles (passing reservoir dam on left) then make a left onto Westbrook Rd. Cross bridge and continue on Westbrook. Road splits, bear left...then take second left on Snake Den Rd. Weis is on right near end of road.


If the start is at Glenwild Ave. Route 80 to 287 north. Take Bloomingdale exit (53 I think). Make a left onto Hamburg Turnpike. Stay on Hamburg for a while, going through the town of Bloomingdale, bear right on Glenwild Ave and stay on Glenwild Ave for a few miles. Parking area is right by the Welcome to West Milford sign. N41.02.746,W74.21.016

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I printed out the trail map at 200% and looks like we can start at Weis Ecology - Do Roomy Mine, move onto Yoo-hoo and then the overlook and falls. We can then go across and nab SW two and Buck Mtn two and up and ack around for Assini Mtn... crap! thats 10 miles. Dave, I will e-mail you an alternative when i come up with one, for now we should look to start at Weis.

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I hope the View isn't a bunch of fat yentas sitting on the couch talking nonsense...


Avro - if you can, try to finalize the caches and starting point before 3pm manana - I will be able to get all the paperwork and whatnot ready before I leave work -


8th grade grad on Monday - lots to do - joy.

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Might one alternative be to leave one car at Glenwild and one at the Eco Center. This way we could first go to Assini and the View, work down to the Buck caches, Sierra and Osio. If we need to pack it in we're near one car.

If we're still fresh, we can continue up to the Falls, Overlook, etc..


This way we have a car north and south...


Just a thought...

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Might one alternative be to leave one car at Glenwild and one at the Eco Center. This way we could first go to Assini and the View, work down to the Buck caches, Sierra and Osio. If we need to pack it in we're near one car.

If we're still fresh, we can continue up to the Falls, Overlook, etc..



If you're gonna do it this way, I suggest leaving a car at the Boy Scout lake and one on Glenwild. Starting from the Boy Scout lake, hit Assini and The View, then down to Mine is a Terrible Thing, then High Point, Wanaque Overlook and Chik Falls. From there you can decide whether to do Buck Mtn, the ones on the other side of Glenwild (Osio and SLR), or call it a day.

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Starting from the Boy Scout lake


There is a P for parking there. Is it okay to for public parking? Looked like a ranger road in.


Here is the plan:

Parking at Boy Scout Camp


1. The View

2. Assiniwikam Mountain Cache

On to:

3. Mine is a terrible waste

4. Wyanokie High Point

5. Wanaque Overlook

6. Chikahoki Falls

7. Osio Rock Ramble

8. Sierra Bravo

9. Buck Mtn

10. Buck Mtn Micro


Then we don't waste time at the Buck Mtn micro if we are short on time?


We can also leave a car at Glenwild Ave.



287 N to Ringwood Ave. Exit

follow Ringwood Ave North and turn left onto Westbrook Road

Go along westbrook turn left on Snake Den Rd west

Parking is at the end by the lake: N41 04.444’ W 74 20.861



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Looks like I should be good to go - it has been a rough week, so I may get a little toasted now - that's the only thing that should stop - unless, of course, I get lynched as I go out of the building.


I will bring a big 'ol bag of trail mix - do I need to bring a sandwich or is there someplace near there...etc., - we eating after - what's the deal???


edit: forgot color

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Bring lotsa water and some snacks. I don't know the area well but we will probably be on our own with regards to food.


You're in the woods. So unless you're good with snares, you'd better bring yer own food.


For apres cache, there is the afore mentioned Falls View Grill (no beer though) the dives along Ringwood Ave, a few pubs I've never been to in heart of Butler (near the beginning of Glenwild Ave) and Jiggs on the corner of Boonton Ave (CR-511) and Route 23. Jiggs has wings, burgers, etc... and you won't feel out of place if you go there after a day of geocaching.


I just might join everyone for the first cache (The View) then I'll have to bail out because I have family coming over in the afternoon. Maybe I'll see y'all at the BS lake parking at 9:15.

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Yes, we had a good walk. More like 9.5 miles.


We parked, discussed options, then just started walking. We went to the 2 closest and Brian escorted us on those 2, thought he had found the first one.


With Brian we found:

1. Assiniwikam Mountain Cache

2. The View


After Brian left us, we found:

3. Wyanokie High Point

4. Wanaque Overlook

5. Chikahoki Falls

6. Buck Mtn

7. Buck Mtn Micro <-- Yes, we found it. Squealy's 500th as a matter of fact!! :lol:

We might have some questions on log entries vs actual entries in the physical cache log :unsure:


Then Avro lent us his flashlight, and Semper & Avro set off for home while Squealy & I found:

8. Mine is a Terrible Thing which added almost another mile for ~10.5 miles.


Check out the cache pages tonight/tomorrow for all the details.

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I thoroughly enjoyed today! The hiking was rough, all told about 9.6 miles for me, but well worth it. Great company and I was able to bag 7 traditional caches and 2 locationless :lol:


Congrats to Squealy for making 500!!!

Glad we found the dreaded micro, should be easy for people now. Yeah right! :unsure:

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Just finished logging and posted some pics on the 8 finds for today.


A great day caching with a terrific group of gents.


BrianSnat, thanks for going along with us for a bit and for placing what ended up being 4 outstanding caches I logged today!


AvroAir, thanks for setting it up and loaning us your flashlight for the last cache. We needed it!!


Semper Securus, thanks for coming along and though you found other caches, a special thanks for finding the Buck Mtn Micro!!


Squealy, great meeting you again, thanks for going along on the last one with me and CONGRATULATIONS on #500!!!


Gents, it was an absolute pleasure caching with all of you!!



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A great day indeed!


An all around awesome hike with tremendous views, challenging terrain and caches, a snake, a mouse, a mine, a micro that hadn't been found in 8 months...


great people...


what more could you ask for???


Thanks again to all who came and those who hid the caches we found - hope to do it again soon.

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What can I say? This day was fantastic !!


I really enjoyed caching with such a fine bunch of guys. It was great figuring out the trails to take, being part of the searching, and learning more about this great sport from such excellent cachers. Being part of Squealy's 500th on a challenging micro was also great.


My only regret was that about 1/3 way into the day, my knee tweaked badly and I was really slowed down on many parts of the trek. (There was quite a bit of uphill, then downhill, then uphill again :huh: ) However, they were all quite patient and understanding, slowing down and waiting until I caught up. THANKS GUYS !!


All in all a great day in a fantastic park with amazing views. You are right Brian..this is one of the secrets of North Jersey caching/hiking...


I'll be posting logs and pictures later today..

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The views there are tremendous. Too bad each cache was near a different view point which meant we hike up to the view, then hike down to the valley and hike back up to the next view and then down, and then up, and then down, and then up, and then down and then up, and well, you get the idea. I think future generations should build some device like a jetpack so you can stay on the same altitude level and move between peaks :)

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