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Diggles And Liggles Hit 400!

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Thanks, everyone! It sure is fun.


Shout outs to Enfanta and Polgara for some awesome event caches, Salvelinus for long hikes along water, Deetylong for his 10% back rule and 22-step multi, 2 Old Snakes for making us a little less scared of rattlers, IV_Warrior for organizing central PA cachers, and especially rgbisme and true_indigo for their extreme kindness and generosity--and their fine elemental cache series. Central PA is worth a stop on anyone's route because of of the thought and care that these people and lots of others put into their caches.


And thanks, Keystone Approver. You've been helpful, good humored, and ridiculously speedy.


We'll miss this place! But before we go, there's a few more caches we need to find...

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Thank you for your kind words above. It is easy to be "ridiculously speedy" when I am reviewing a quality cache that I can tell was placed with thought and care. Diggles & Liggles continued to be responsible cachers by making sure that all of their caches were transferred into the capable hands of other experienced Central PA geocachers who have agreed to serve as adoptive owners or cache nannies. If only everyone who moved out of an area would take the time to do that...


Best of luck to you. Pennsylvania's loss is Illinois' gain.

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