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Best Gps Around Regardless Of Price

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It's a pretty simple question really, though I am sure I will get a variety of answers. I have been geocaching for about a year using a Garmin e-Trex. Now I am ready to move up and get something nicer. While money is still a consideration, I do enough caching to realize that I want something really nice. What are the best units I can get, and what is better about them than the rest of my options. Thanks in advance for all your input.

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Based upon what I know about you (next to nothing).... I'll assume you are pretty bright..... like me :)


76CS is your answer. :)

  • 115Mb of Map memory
  • color screen is VERY good
  • Auto-routing
  • The rest is just gravy..... like geocaching mode, calender, etc....
  • Sensors.... some don't like them (most of them have never tried them) I LIKE THE ELECTRONIC COMPASS for Caching!

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Ok, to be fair, I should give you some more information, I guess.


Weight is not really an issue. I don't do enough backpacking or long distance caching to notice the difference in a few ounces. I like the auto-routing idea, I guess, though I have never used a GPS that had one. This is part of my problem, I guess. I have used my GPS and haven't ever really spent much time looking at anybody elses, so I don't really know what other things a really "good" GPS will do that mine won't, but I assume there are plenty of cool features.


Anyway, thanks for the input so far, and I hope there is more to come.


Lance (Loo of LooAndRoo)

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I just upgraded from the eTrex Legend to the 60c. The price I paid was about $358 with shipping and I consider it a steal. The unit is FAR superior to the Legend, the processor is faster you can find the specs at www.garmin.com. The screen is beautiful, fast and easy to read. The menu's are pretty good, with a little practice you would navigate without any problems, but there are now so many option that it boggles the imagination. While geocaching I always had trouble navigating to the correct location to start the hike. With the auto-routing this will be a snap! The reception so far seems at least as good as the Legend, probably better. I am not able to compare the two as I sold the Legend before the 60c arrived. It runs longer on 2 'AA' batteries than the Legend did also. So far it seems like the perfect GPS 'for me'.

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