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Why There Is An Alternative Site?


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Does anyone know, why there is an alternative site navicache.com?

I was looking at Buxley maps and I discovered, that he is covering also that site.

It looks like they are competing to Groundspeak. Is it something from the beginning of the geocaching or what?

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An answer might be found here.


I would only speculate as to why Navicache exists. The virtual issues on this site are why scout launched his own site and lists all caches. Hungary, Russia, and Estonia list their own caches.


Every site has an angle they want to cover. Most people just want to cache so it takes more than just an angle to succede but sooner or later the right angle will win out in the long run.

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The Buxley maps are superb. They seem to be derived in realtime from the GC.com info, though, so I'm not sure if I'd call them competition. And there's a link to GC.com. Reading the Navicache site, you could imagine that GC.com doesn't exist !


Why are there competing sites ? Maybe it's the usual story of someone wanting to be the biggest fish in the pond. In every free-time activity I've been involved in - cricket, chess, Miata owners club, whatever - there's always been people setting up their own rival club because they had some ideological disagreement with the ruling powers.

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