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Adirondack Deb


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Does anyone know anything about Adirondack Deb? She grabbed a TB of mine in Oct. 2003 and hasn't released it. Actually she hasn't logged onto geocaching.com since Dec. She hasn't answered email attempts to contact her. I would appreciate any info. Thanks GeoZeus

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Situations like that one don't look good for the bug. At least if she was still active you'd have a chance. What galls me is when active geocachers sit on the things. I just had one that was out if circulation almost 6 months and the guy who had it had over a dozen finds between the time he grabbed the bug and finally released it.


I had another one where an active (at the time) geocacher grabbed it and held onto it for 8 months. Several e-mails to him went unanswered, but he was finding caches the entire time. Then it suddenly "turned up" in a cache 300 miles away, but the next finder of that cache said the bug wasn't in it. I guess he just "left it" in the cache without physically putting it there to get me off his back. :)

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SUCCESS!! :) Adirondack Deb contacted me and found the TB in the bottom of her pack. She thought she had placed it. She is going to retrieve it from the TB graveyard and move it on. I thought I would leave this reply telling of atleast one successful recovery of a missing TB.

GeoZeus :bad:

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