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Being somewhat of a geek I (foolishly?) purchased a new Radeon 7000 PCI video card. I plugged it in last night fired up the computer, and after some lengthy threats to the silicon within the computer case, I got it to work without any conflicts. However, it isn't working to it's full potential. Since the new card is a 64MB card and my old one, a Rage Fury 128, is only a 32MB I want to use my new one as the primary display adapter. As my electronics instructor says, "Here's the rub", I cannot, no matter what I do, get the PCI card to be the primary display device. I realize that the computer is likely set to "boot" to the AGP slot first, and there is likely a place to change that, but alas, I have failed. The store where I got it can't help me, ATI is no help, and the Google gods have likewise come up short. So I appeal to you, surely someone here knows what to do.


P III -733

QDI Advance 10T Motherboard

Rage Fury 128 AGP

Radeon 7000 VE




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From what I can see in the manual, you have to go to the BIOS and under "Integrated Peripherals" find "Init Display First". Change that to PCI SLOT from AGP, to run the 7000. But from what I can see in the manual it doesn't make it clear if both the agp and pci card will run simultaneously.

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they beat me to it


but yes its a bios setting


but why a new PCI card? AGP would be much faster and better for the graphics card.


as to running a PC with both an AGP card and a PCI video card simulatinously ... it would be news to me that, that works


IN the days before dual ouput cards it was feasable (all-be-it a MAJOR PITA) to run 2 (exactly) the same PCI video cards.


but in todays world a decent dual moniter card can be had for like $60 so its not nearly worth the headache

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Since the new card is a 64MB card and my old one, a Rage Fury 128, is only a 32MB I want to use my new one as the primary display adapter.

But being a PCI instead of AGP, I'm not sure if that will make up the difference in buss speed. It may depend on exactly what you do and if you really use that upper 32MB.

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I've got both monitors working, one on the AGP and one on the PCI.


I haven't done enough with the new setup to see if there's any major differnce in performance.


And for those that wonder why two cards, and not just one (the Radeon is a dual monitor card) I do it because I can.



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