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Get Well Soon Mrs Mtn-man


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:) Sorry to hear the bad news. This was a bad weekend for me also. Someone ran a red light and took out my new Harley. I made out way better than the bike, but ended up with a steel plate in my arm, both knees swollen and in bad shape, and a bad case of the spins that the doctor will try to get a handle on tomorrow. I know your pain, but we will overcome! Rick
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:) Sorry to hear the bad news. This was a bad weekend for me also. Someone ran a red light and took out my new Harley. I made out way better than the bike, but ended up with a steel plate in my arm, both knees swollen and in bad shape, and a bad case of the spins that the doctor will try to get a handle on tomorrow. I know your pain, but we will overcome! Rick

Ouch!!!! ;)


You got it much worse it sounds like sturgeongeneral. I really hate to hear that. Take your time on your recovery. I keep telling Athena that too. She was wanting to go to work today and I told her no (since I'm her ride she has no choice!). Maybe for a while tomorrow or Friday for her. She is the bookkeeper where she works so she may have to go in Friday. We did go out to dinner last night so she could get out of the house. She was starting to feel cooped up.


Again, many thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate you keeping her in your thoughts. Everyone, please give sturgeongeneral some of those positive waves as well!



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Get well wishes to both Mrs. Mtn-man and Stergeongeneral!

Praying for a speedy recovery and no lasting negative effects. :D


And Stergeongeneral, hope you get a new ride soon! We just had the annual R.O.T Rally down here and there were at least four riders that were not as lucky as you. :) (None were wearing helmets ;) )


Take care!

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Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery. And as far as airbags go, they ARE life-savers. My VW Bug was broadsided a while back, but the side airbags deployed, preventing my head from going through my driver's side window. My uncle wasn't so lucky though. He was sitting too close to the door, and the force of his side airbag fractured his ribs. I hate to hear when anyone has been hurt, but am relieved to hear she's doing better. Good luck to you both, and although I don't know you, you will be in my prayers.

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After seeing the car I am a firm believer in airbags. She is doing much better today but it will be a long healing process. We have been through a lot of ice yesterday and today. She is a trooper though. She is wanting to get a wheelchair so she can go to work! I am blessed to have such a great gal and even more so that she was not hurt any more than she was.


Will be praying for you. Thinking of you.

There's a cache near Akron, Oh. called Get Well Soon. He had a very bad back injury, three or four small kids....they missed cachin', so they put a cache under a tree in the yard, and they take pictures of visitors, and the kids get all excited. Nice place.

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Thanks again for the well wishes.

If you all don't mind, I would like to give a follow-up.


We got to the orthopedic doctor today finally. He looked at her x-rays and it looks like the other knee is fractured too. That's 2 fractured knees, a broken kneecap and a badly sprained ankle. Bruises too, yick.


The doctor said he was going to give her a different brace for her two legs so she could heal and could still walk. She got two sort of like this:




They lock the legs and can be adjusted and moved as she gets better. He told her she could walk with them but that she would look a little like Frankenstein. She gave a little Frankenstein groan when he said that. :lol: The nurse came in and got her fitted up and we swung her off the table. She started off and was doing really well. As we walked out of the room and started down the hall she gave the Saturday Night Live Phil Hartman Frankenstein groan! We started laughing and walked out into the waiting room. I started singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" quietly like Tonto and told her she groaned like Phil Hartman. We were laughing our tails off as we went over to the check out area in the waiting room. It was nice to see her laughing so hard.


Next time you see that rerun of the Saturday Nite Live skit hopefully you will think of Athena and mtn-man walking through the big waiting room doing the skit.





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I'm glad the Mrs is doing better and able to laugh about things. That's always a good sign. It sounds like you two are a good team, and the ever-adorable puppymonster too.


Sorry to hear about Sturgeongeneral though. Healing from injuries or surgery is no walk in the park, but I am always amazed at the abuse our bodies can take and then heal from. It can take a lot of time sometimes, but at least we have the ability to heal.

Take care of yourselves and get well quick....there are caches waiting. :lol:

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Thanks for the update Mtn-Man. Sounds painful. Thanks for the laugh too.


SturgeonGeneral! I hope you are ok!!! :lol:


Could everyone just please drive carefully and remember the the other driver might just be another cacher, the one that will place your most memorable cache ever! Always look for motorcycles, even on rainy days. My pal just slid his bike in the sand, luckily he and his passenger healed and his friend on a bike behind him missed his head! :unsure:


Speedy healing to both of you.

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Laughter indeed heals both the body and soul.  Keep her spirits up (and yours too!).  Our prayers for a speedy recovery.

Hey, no worries there -- look who she's married to! :tongue:

Yeah, laughing at me is an everyday occurance. :unsure:


We still are keeping the Frankenstein jokes going. She is funny.

This helped her spirits too:




The only bad thing is she cannot drive it yet. Here is the old car.





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Not a hybrid. It is the XLT. Nice little SUV. She keeps calling it a truck.


When I took the pictures of the car and I was just amazed again.

Wear your seatbelts. If you can get a car with airbags, get it.


FYI... here are the leg braces and some bruises a week later.



Edited by mtn-man
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Ran a red light. It was early in the morning, about 7 AM. The other person was about 70. He is OK too from what we understand. His Ram 1500 had airbags too.

You just reminded me -- we were almost T-boned in downtown B'ham Saturday. We had the green light, and were cruising through when I saw some jerk barreling down on us. Honked, floored it, boiling smoke from his tires. Missed us by a foot, thank God. The jerk was messing with his cell phone instead of driving!


For both of us, could've been much, much worse!

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Hey Mtnman, those leg pictures sure look like they were taken of my legs. Please tell the wife I can truly relate to where she is at this time. Fortunately, we both survived and came out a LOT better than what could have happened. Locally there has been two more motorcycle crashes since mine (both where someone ran a red light) , and neighther one survived. I guess I was the lucky one. I wonder about airbags for motorcycles???? PS: Anybody want to buy a slightly used Harley?? Must be talented at jigsaw puzzles though.

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