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Saturday, September 25 Geocaching Fundraiser

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On Saturday, September 25, 2004 the Lancaster Conservancy will be holding a Geocaching event to help raise funds for their parks. I am donating my time to help with some of the event coordination and Geocaching aspects of the event. You can always come and be part of the peanut gallery during the Geocaching training classes I will be teaching.


This is a half day event of Geocaching for fun and PRIZES. If you would like to form a team or your company or could donate a prize please contact the Lancaster Conservancy.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at magellan315@highstream.net



P.O. Box 716, Lancaster, PA 17608-0716

Phone 717-392-7891

Fax 717-392-8220




News Release


Contact: Robert Behling

Phone (Office): 717-392-7891

Email: rbehling@lancasterconservancy.org

Alternate Contact: Ralph H. Goodno

Phone (Mobile): 717-413-6887


June 11, 2004





The Lancaster County Conservancy invites you to follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo, Lewis and Clark, and Andrew Ellicot, as we make history with the first geocaching event held on multiple land trust nature preserves. On September 25, over twenty geocache boxes will be hidden on at least ten Conservancy preserves scattered in the River Hills of southern Lancaster County. Beginners and Advanced Geocachers will use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to locate them. Teams that find all the caches on their designated preserve(s) will be rewarded with prizes and the admiration of their fellow participants.


Experience the Global Game Board just outside your door. Learn about the sport of geocaching while benefiting the Conservancy in a fundraising event. Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS users. All you need to participate is a GPS receiver (the Conservancy plans to have some on hand for rent or sale at reduced prices) and a desire to get outdoors.


Refreshments, GPS training for beginners, prizes, tee shirts, outdoor adventure, and good fellowship will make this an event to talk about. The biggest reward of this exciting day will be the thrill of the search and discovery of a place you’ve perhaps never been. Proceeds will benefit the Conservancy’s ongoing efforts to preserve and manage the natural resource “Gems” of Lancaster County.


Plan to get a team and participate. Here’s how:

Who: All Geocachers and folks wanting to learn to use GPS receivers and support natural lands protection in Lancaster County!

What: Geocache High Tech Treasure Hunt “GeoCache for Conservation”

When: Saturday, September 25, 2004

8:30 am: Morning Registration and continental breakfast

9:00 am: Introduction to Geocaching and the use of GPS

10:00 am: Begin high-tech treasure hunt from Burle Industries, 1000 New Holland Ave., where you will receive the GPS coordinates of the caches. Return to Burle Industries when all caches are found to pick up T-shirt and submit raffle ticket for geocaching prizes.

12 noon: Afternoon Registration and snacks

12:30 pm: Introduction to Geocaching and the use of GPS

1:30 pm: Begin high tech treasure hunt from Burle Industries. Return to Burle Industries when all caches are found to pick up T-shirt and submit raffle ticket for geocaching prizes.

Cost: $40 per team (includes registration for driver); $20 each additional team member; each participant will get a T-shirt signifying successful completion of geocache treasure hunt and locating the caches; and be given a raffle ticket for a chance at valuable geocaching prizes such as a GPS receiver (value $100) and other outdoors/ geocaching equipment.

Where: Meet at Burle Industries parking lot, 1000 New Holland Ave, Lancaster to get registration materials, geocache coordinates & instructions, enjoy a continental breakfast (morning session) or snack (afternoon session), and participate in brief introduction to Geocaching and the use of GPS receivers. Leave for hi-tech treasure hunt to one (beginners) or two (advanced Geocachers) of LCC’s 12 nature preserves featured for this event (parking is limited at Conservancy Nature Preserves, so each team will carpool in one car). Return to Burle Industries at the end of your treasure hunt to retrieve T-shirt and enter ticket in raffle drawing for geocaching/outdoors prizes.


Using GPS coordinates given out at registration, beginner participants will find their way to 2-3 caches hidden on one of 12 featured LCC nature preserves. Advanced Geocachers will search for 3-5 caches on two of LCC nature preserves. All participants return to Burle Industries after locating the caches and verifying their “finds” by stamping their GPS coordinates cards with stamps found in each “cache” box. A T-shirt is rewarded to each participant who successfully finds all their caches and their raffle ticket is entered in the raffle drawings mentioned above for geocache/ outdoors prizes.


Don’t have a GPS receiver? The Conservancy will make available GPS receivers from event sponsors for new Geocachers to learn with and provide the opportunity to purchase the receivers at greatly reduced prices.


The GPS coordinates, routes and location of caches will be planned with enough variation on multiple nature preserves throughout the county so there’ll be no opportunity to follow each other around! This is a fun event for the entire family and kids under 12 are free! Bring your own map or buy one at registration!


Corporate teams can participate for $500 (with up to five on a team) that includes advertising on the event T-shirt, registration materials, and LCC website, and inclusion in pre – event marketing, as well as day-of-event promotions. To register, contact the Conservancy office.


In preparation for the event, the Conservancy is holding two free in-depth geocaching training events on Thursday, August 5 from 6 to 8 pm, and Saturday, August 21 from 10 am to noon. To register, contact the Conservancy office.


Sponsorship: The Conservancy is seeking corporate underwriting support from manufacturers of GPS receivers such as Garman and Thales Navigation (Magellan), and from outfitters who might also be interested in selling geocaching and outdoor equipment at discounted prices. The Conservancy hopes to have GPS receivers available for the public to use at this event with opportunities for purchase at reduced prices.


Our goal: 100 individual teams and 20 corporate teams, raising $14,000 for conservation.


Since 1970, the Lancaster County Conservancy has protected a total of 2,738 acres of open space. It now manages 20 Nature Preserves open to the public throughout Lancaster County, with Geocaches hidden on many of them. More information about the Conservancy and its Preserves is available at www.lancasterconservancy.org, or by calling 717-392-7891.


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Oops. I missed this topic when it first appeared. Just an early heads up... this event would not be listed on Geocaching.com as an event cache unless special permission is arranged with Groundspeak, because of the fundraising aspect. (The same is technically true of this forum thread!)

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