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How Many Physical Caches Within 50mi/80 Km Of Home

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Just curious.


We have 9.

10 within 100 miles.


Yep, that's it. We've found all except one of the nine and that one has probably floated out to sea.

I live in a state capital [in Australia] but we are a long way from any other city. The next town wih more than 20,000 people is about 1500 km away.


See why we love locationless caches here? :lol:

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723 caches within 50 miles of Vineland, NJ

2239 within 100 miles


(These numbers include caches that have been archived/disabled)


I remember reading that there are somewhere between 400-500 active caches in Southern NJ. (And we haven't even found a quarter of them yet - what a bummer! :lol: ) So many caches, so little time!!

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within 50 miles of my zip (32246) there are 841. Extend out to 100 miles and it goes up to 1461. We thought we had cleared the area within a 20 mile radius then we went on a two week vacation a few weeks ago and when we returned map of not founds looked like we hadn't been caching in months. Back to work for us.


Marine Biologist (Rodney & Sandy)

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600 physical caches within 50 miles

1638 total caches within 100 miles [sorry -- too much bother to eliminate the virtuals, events, etc.]


My closest available cache is 16.6 miles but, up here in the mountains of western North Carolina, would take me about an hour to drive.

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Where I live in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA:

34 within 10 miles

193 within 20 miles

829 within 50 miles


But, at our "summer home" in Lincoln, Maine, USA:

0 within 10 miles

3 within 20 miles

7 within 30 miles

40 within 40 miles

80 within 50 miles


Depending on where one lives, getting 100 caches can be either the

result of a handful of days of geocaching, or could require a few

months of geocaching days!


BTW, for a good quick overview of "cache density," look at the

maps on Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint




PS: This is one reason I really like the "locationless" caches. Even in some

of the more remote areas, there are still opportunities for at least a few of


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"Too many."


50 mile = 1259

100 mile = 2814


I thought geocaching was a whole lot more fun when there were only a couple of hundred caches within 50 miles. Yep, them were the good ol' days. If ya wanted to snag a dozen caches in a day, it meant a 15 hour day and at least 250 miles of driving. I remember the time in early 2002 that I drove from my home in New Jersey and picked up every cache on the south fork of Long Island all the way to Montauk Light. Left at 6 a.m., got home again around 8 p.m. I believe the total was 13 caches.

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From the center of ZC 98034, Kirkland, WA:

50mi=1666 caches



The interesting thing I noted, when I do one of the entire state, there are only 3563 caches.


I'm not going to try to strip out any archived or virtual. That's just too many pages to go through.

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