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I'm having an Event Cache soon, and thought it would be cool to hand out specially made event buttons to the participants. I looked around at some different companies that custom make buttons, but in the end I knew I would have to order from Bumble Buttons. Bumble Buttons is Honeychile, a geocacher and volunteer cache reviewer for NC, SC, and Va. I wanted to support the business of a fellow geocacher.

Good choice! She designed the button at no additional cost. They've just arrived, and I'm very happy with them! I ordered a mix of event buttons, and regular buttons for trade, and wasn't quite sure of the pricing. I just put in a certain dollar amount via Paypal, and asked her to send me however many I had bought. I got more buttons than I was expecting!

Honeychile has been great to work with! I thought the best I could do in return was to spread the word--if you're looking for buttons, check it out!




OK, Bumble Buttons, Bumbling B's, I knew it was the right choice from the beginning! :lol:

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Some of the Geocaching Hampton Roads members have had these buttons made specially for the events and they are very nice.


The only bad thing about the buttons is that we like to pin them on our backpack and we keep losing them in tree cover.


Gonna have to come up with a better idea for where to put our growing button collection.


Cacheola Crew Mom

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I can't say enough good things about Bumble Button's and HoneyChile. I've ordered from her multiple times and it's always a fabulous experience.


She's designed buttons for 2 events and they have just been terrific. One event is coming up so they haven't been distributed yet, but for the previous event, everyone loved them.


My kids love finding her buttons others have placed and if they don't go with me, the first thing they ask me when I get back home is "Any buttons?".


I'm gonna have to work on a signature button for us next. Her designs are great and my recent order included new buttons from the http://www.geocaching4kids.com site.


I highly recommend Bumble Buttons!!



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The only bad thing about the buttons is that we like to pin them on our backpack and we keep losing them in tree cover.


I had the same problem, then I put a spot of hotglue where the pin connects after attaching it to my pack and they stay put.

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