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A friend has gotten me interested into geocaching. I'm considering two units: The Magellan Sportrak Map, and the Magellan Meridian Gold. While I'm not looking to spend more than I have to, the price difference is not really an issue. (I'm aware that I have to add the price of memory to the Meridian if I want to download anything.)


I've read all about the specific differences; I'd be very grateful for some opinions as which unit I should go for, perhaps some feedback on aspects that don't come through simply reading the specs.


I would use it for hiking, geocaching, and some general use.


Thanks very much,



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Thanks to all for the responses. Forgive one more question, this regarding the size of memory to purchase:


I vaguely recall reading somewhere that there is no point in getting more than a 32 MB memory, because that was the most that could be loaded at one time (I may really be mis-stating that.) In any case, does this ring a bell at all?


Thanks again,



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