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Team GPSaxophone Posted on Jun 8 2004, 03:40 PM

  QUOTE (upinyachit @ Jun 8 2004, 05:31 PM)

From posting big dorito girls... 


Um...can you repost that Doritos Girl pic? I think I missed it the first time around 


Did you ever see prickly pete? That was the best......LOLOLOLOLOL



Anything like this?




edit: hey, I'm NORM :back:

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Kinda :back::lol::o


Prickly Pete is a real 7 foot tall cactus that looks like a part that males only have. The pic is so funny to me. This is a family site though and tbtb thought it wasn't appropriate.








And yet they didn't build a 7' tall stone wall around the real thing so any kid can just hike up to it? Oh my!

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