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Magellan Meridian Gold

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I have just aquired my Magellan Meridian Gold (from US $249). I have successfully swapped the basemap from American to European using the PC cable as the MeriGold refuses to accept any of my Sd-Cards. I have 4 cards 32Mb used in my phone, 128Mb used in my camera, 256Mb used in my PocketPC and a spare 128Mb. When I tried to replace the basemap I first tried using the SD card and the MeriGold said there were no files on the card (I remember reading somewhere that the MeriGold only reads cards it has formatted) so I formatted using the MeriGold. Then copied the basemap over again and still MeriGold says there are no files on the card. Anybody else have this problem?? (I have tried both of the 128Mb cards and the 32Mb card)

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Hi there, I see that you have had no replies re your Gold, :huh: Have you tried the 'magellanmeridian' users groups on Yahoo. Think you might be able to get help there.


There are downloads and hints also for using with Meridian series gpsr's. I have used some them successfully for my platinum, which also came from the states.


From memory there are two groups...choose the one with the biggest subscribers


Best of Luck! DD :P

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Thanks for that, I have subscribed to the magellanmeridian group so maybe I might get some help there. Thanks again :P


Did you ever sort this out. I am considering buying a meridian gold myself, but am unsure how well it would work over in the uk.



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