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What's The Greatest Amount Of Time You Ever Spent

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I spent over a year on one cache. It was a multi-cache puzzle that we went to look for one summer on our camping trip. We logged a DNF after stupidity oozed in on my part - I forgot that my old GPSr held four batteries as opposed to two. <_<


A year later, we were back camping in the same general area but still couldn't find it, only to discover it had been muggled only a couple of days before our arrival the second time around. It was actually one of the better caches that I've searched for.

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7, 70 mile round trips and approx 8 hours searching, before I finally found the first micro of a multi. Funny thing is it is a hilly/rocky area, and my Etrex has zeroed out all over the place, even using a compass and bearings put me in the same places. My last visit it zeroed out right on top of it, what made it worse was the no of cachers who have found it with no problems (there is no clue for the cache, so it has a high difficulty rating).


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This past weekend Donna and I spent at least 2 1/2 hours over two days trying to find the cache in Under the Boardwalk (GCBAA1). We looked for it Saturday evening and gave up. I'm glad we did because we found a Jeep TB on our next quest <_<.


We returned Sunday morning, armed with a 2nd GPS (which kept losing receiption) and daughter Steffanie who usually does very well finding them. After another hour of searching, and finding a turtle or two, we finally found it.


To be honest, I didn't want to give up because there was a TB that had been sitting in the cache for a month and I really wanted to find it so I could move it to another cache. Silly reason, I know, but that was my motivation to find it and I wasn't going to quit searching until I did find it.


I have one DNF here in GA so far and saw recently where someone was able to find the cache after I logged a DNF so I'll be going back to Slippery Rock (GCHTBA) one of these days to give it another shot.



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does invigoration have any finds at all yet?


i spent three weeks on mad mountain mystery. not on-and-off tiem here, time there.... three solid WEEKS. it involved charts and tables and a concerted stalking effort and a systematic search of the caches in northern VT for that last clue.


in the end we went without the clue. we HAD the west coordinate, so we diecided to travel along it until we found the cache. worked like a charm. could have saved us three weeks of hunting.

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The Brainbuster took me at least 3 trips of 140 miles roundtrip and at least 8 hrs, spread out over those trips, but it was well worth it!

Brainbuster was my nemesis cache a year ago at this time. It took me four trips and about 14 hours to complete it. Fortunately, I didn't live quite as far away from it - only a 40 minute drive. Unfortunately, the reason it took me so long is that a key item to solve one of the letterboxing style clues had gone missing. To complete the cache, you needed to be sitting on a particular park bench and then stare straight ahead at an object where the final coordinates were hidden. A tree had fallen on the park bench and so it was removed. When the owner checked on the cache, he replaced that broken stage with a math puzzle. There was a mistake in his addition, causing me to once again search in the wrong area! Once the math error was corrected, I completed the last two stages in an hour or so.


I am never going back to that park!!!!!!

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I spent about 5 hours on one in Colorado if you count the drive, the hike, the lengthy search through a rock field, and the break from the hail under the trees.


I did a couple others in CO where it was lengthy because the hike was fairly long.


I have also looked for over an hour for some micros before.


There is currently a micro under a military tank about a 2 hour drive from my house that I have a DNF on. I will have to go back for that one. That may become the one that takes me forever.

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