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Mapsource City Select

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I use MapSource all the time, it cuts down on the amount of gas that I use to find the general location of a cache, and with today's gas prices (cheapest I can find is $1.93/gal), that's a plus. But even with MapSource my brother, Red Mage, still can't navigate.

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It's just another tool. Is going paperless cheating? no. If it was cheating then using a gpsr would be cheating. You could just use a map and a comass and use UTM coords. But Technology allows us to take advantages of whats available. Thats why we have gpsr's. Like other have already said, try to use City Select SW to find a cache. You'll never get off the road and I have not found many caches on the road, some but few. :rolleyes:

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Do you fellow geocachers think that using city select software while geocaching is cheating? Let me know your thoughts.

No way! I use City Select on my Garmin 60cs to auto-route me from one cache to the next. It gets me close but it doesn't jump out of my hands and run to the cache and sign the log book for me. So no, it's not cheating. :rolleyes:

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Not at all. As someone before me said, gas is not cheap right now, so anything that can help cut down on the time I spend trying to find the general area is a great plus.


Of course, autorouting does goof sometimes, and gives me some directions that are no help at all. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for all your responses. I'll keep using it then. It works fairly well I must say. I wish, however, that it would give turn by turn directions a little faster. My friend has a Magellan RoadMate700 and it gives directions lightning fast. Maybe the processor in my 60c is not quite as fast as in the Magellan.

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