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Where's Waldo 2

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So right before I hit "submit" on that now locked "Where's Waldo?" thread a cache concept popped into my mind.


In variouse spots around town like the bulletin board at the grocery store, and other spots on occasion you place Waldo. On the back of Waldo is coordinates to the cache. This has been done with a TB but the TB's tend to move where each Waldo would be statinoary until removed. You just wouldn't know exactly where to look for Waldo which was rather the point of the books.


I like the concept but I aslo think the cache would become a legendary PITA.



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LOL, i just happened to spot this topic.........i have one of the "where's waldo" TB's..........i picked him out of a cache.........ithink there was a set of like three or four "where's waldo" TB's, they are racing each other to thier final destination.....

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I agree it could become a PITA real quick unless there was a rdius, limits to where he could be or you live in a small town. Let it loose in Atlanta and no one wouldever find in a city that big.

Limits=No PITA

I was thinking there could be several waldo's in circulation. If a spot looks good place a waldo. We had one of those travel bug keys. I never even got close. At least Waldo isn't supposed to move on you. Thinking that a Waldo Graphic would be a good idea I did a net search and came up with this. Sometimes it's not as easy as you think.

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I think it sounds like fun, but I agree that some limits must be set. You might also consider adding hints to the Waldos locations. Nothing too obvious, but something that might help out someone who wants to search for that cache in particular.



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