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Duanes New Name? (uiyc)

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As for your co-workers knowing you by that name....do I really want to know? well, yes, actually Duane, I am a bit curious. Could you please share why it is that your co-workers identify you this way? I am sure there is a story there.


I have a simple answer to your question. I build houses and work outside so the weather plays a big role. Anyway, every time it gets too windy or it starts raining, I am the first one to say roll up so I can go caching. So with that being said, I sometimes and still do have to explain to fifteen hardcore framers what caching is all about. I explain the game to them and they laugh their butts off when I tell them my user name. I also tell anybody else that wants to know about caching to do a simple search and type in UPINYACHIT and see what happens. <_<


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Getting back on topic, you don't want your kids using the name he called me, but it is OK for your kids to use Duane's current user name though? Have you asked your kids what they think yachit means?


I don't know about anybody elses kids but mine have heard of a lot more then the word chit on national tv. Has anbody watched MTV lately? :lol: I have an 18 year old daughter with a three month old baby. I have another daughter that is getting ready to graduate from high school. One of my sons is going to high school next year and is getting more interested in girls. He asked me the other day if he could hang up a naked picture of a girl on his wall. My youngest son is the caching king. Except the other day he wanted to go swimming instead of caching. My point is that I and a whole lotta other members have a lot more to worry about then the word chit.



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ACK! OK maybe I don't like that one.  <_<

It just goes to show that if you let your imagination run wild that you will read whatever you want in a name. Why not just leave the guy alone? He loves the game, posts on-topic mostly, shares nice pictures of his family and kids growing up, etc. I would not like to see him knuckle under. That's his identity and I would like to see him keep it.

He is welcome to keep his identity. I suggest that he change it because of the negative history. It really is about more than the name. Regardless it is his choice to make.

I recall Woodsters had a pretty rough time of it too when he first started out. Did anybody think to ask him to change his name? Nope. In spite of his initial negative history, he turned out to be a pretty good joe. The difference here, and I've seen no confirmation on it from Duane (which wasn't an all inclusive read on all the threads), is how the nic is interpreted to be. I think he's let folks come to their own conclusions and having a giggle over it.

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